Say it Ain’t So!

It’s been over two years since I’ve had crawfish.  I love crawfish!  I was so happy to be in Louisiana for crawfish season this year, dreaming of lots of fat, spicy crawfish, like these from two years ago .  . .

This year, due to cold weather and maybe “biological” reasons, crawfish are scarce and expensive!  Here’s the local news heading:

Not good, huh?  I’ve decided that this weekend, some way, somehow, I’m getting crawfish . . I hope!


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    Robin says

    You know, I’m sure they are probably very tasty but there is no way you could get me to eat one! 🙂 So I guess that leaves more for you to eat!!!

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      betty pellissier says

      Yes they are saying that because of all the cold weather that it may be a delay for the crawfish. I am from the Morgan City area. Where is it that you call home in louisiana??

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    Carol says

    Here in Ohio, crawfish actually burrow in or yarn from our lake, and I remember catching them in the river a mile away but I sure wouldn’t eat OHIO crawfish.

    But Louisiana crawfish are to die for! One of my best memories from Houston was the annual early March crawfish boil birthday parties for a friend of ours from Lafayette. One year we all nearly got heat stroke; the next year it was practically snowing! But provide lots of dawn butter, corn on the cob, and boiled potatoes and I’ll even suck their heads! LOL

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    Judy I’m not sure if I told you be we are doing a 4 month mission trip to Louisiana – June, July, August, September – about 45 miles south of Lafayette. What is the “season” for crawfish? I can hardly wait for the food there! blessings, marlene

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    Norma says

    Yes, Judy, the crawfish season may be a little late, but here in BR the restaurants are already serving boiled crawfish. And because of all the water flowing down our way and our record rainfalls, we are supposed to have record crops and huge crawfish, because the crawfish are burrowing down under now. So the prices for a sack will be low and the burners will be going! I can’t wait. And to answer your reader’s question, we should have crawfish until late June anyway.


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    I always miss crawfish because I go in September. But boiled crabs are a fabulous substitute! I’ve already talked to my brother about having our annual boil this fall! C’est bon!!