Gotta Have Fabric

Today I was teaching a workshop.  Minding my own business, as usual.  Staying out of trouble, as usual.  Not even thinking about buying fabric, as usual.  Suddenly and without warning, someone pulled this fleur de lis fabric out:

Chad loves anything fleur de lis.  I love anything Louisiana.  I was thinking . . I should get some of that fabric but I’m here . . I’m teaching a workshop . . I cannot leave this room.  Then before I could grasp what was happening, one girl said “I’m leaving! I have to go to the quilt shop and get some fabric.  I’ll be back!”  And then another said “Oh, they’re not making any more of this fabric and the quilt shop was lucky to get 8 bolts of it while it was available.”  And then . . before I could stop myself, I had my phone in my hand, my credit card in the other hand and I said “Does anyone have the number for the quilt shop?”  15 voices shouted the number in unison!  They all knew it! I called.  I said “If I give you my credit card number, will you send 6 yards of the fleur de lis fabric with the lady who’s coming from the workshop?”  And they said yes and . . that’s how I came home today with 6 yards of fabric.

I sent Chad a picture of the fabric and his response was “Get it please!”  Got it!


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    See now, up here in the Northland, we see fleurs des lises, we don’t think Louisiana, we think Quebec. I didn’t even figure out what you were talking about until I really gave it some thought.

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    Evelyn says

    The connection between the Canadian Atlantic Maritimes and Louisiana is that many of the thousands Acadian French who were driven out of the North in the 1700’s resettled in Louisiana. From a Maritime prospective – Fleurs de lis – often used on compasses to point North! Fun to read what the symbol makes people think of! Cheers! Evelyn

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    LadyBaltimore says

    I’ve got some of that fabric too! (I’ve got it in blue as well). Bought it in Louisiana.

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    Darlene S says

    The Fleurs de lis is also a symbol for the City of St. Louis too. The French were a big influence on the settlement of St. Louis. I like the way the words sound when they roll off your tongue. I too thought of boy scouts! 🙂 🙂