The Binding Mountain

Wouldn’t you love to be a guest at my mom’s house?  I kinda like it here!  But there’s a slight problem.  The bed in the guest room (I’m not a guest . . I have my own room here!) is buried.

That is a mountain of quilts waiting to be bound!  I am not sure how many quilts are in there.  I do not want to know how many quilts are in there.  I will get them all done.  I’m finishing them by hand because mom’s machine is a Bernina 930 (I mostly use a 1230) and I had a hard time hitting right in the ditch on it.  I could practice and get it right but I can also sit with them at night and spend quality time while mom and dad both read on the Kindle.  It’s almost like being at home with Vince.  No one talks to me.  Maybe it’s me.  🙁

Anyway, the binding bolt is empty and all that remains are binding tails which will go home with me and go into the 2-1/2″ strip bin.


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    WOW….you have accomplished a lot since I see just little bits of the bindings left now. GOOD job!!!

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    Eureka!! It is genetic!! Not only do you gets tons o quilts made, but so does your mom!!! That explains SO much!!! LOL

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    oh, that is funny! I have no trouble with my 930 and don’t get the same results on the 1230 that my sister now owns (it used to be my mom’s).

    happy binding!

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    oh Judy – if only your parent’s home were a little closer I’d load up all my straight pins and machine up into the van and dash on over tonight after the kids were in bed and sew with you!!! I think that would be so fun!

    Thanks to your great video and the fact that I’ve used it on the last 7 finishes, I feel that I’ve nearly mastered your machine finishing binding!

    How far of a drive is it again??

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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    Gail says

    Ditto on Julie’s post…my fav past time is hand sewing the binding in front of the tv with a movie in the player…sounds like heaven to me.

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    Evelyn says

    A quilt mountain! My Dad is very hard of hearing so his favorite kind of “visit” is just hanging out together. He likes the company. Cheers! Evelyn

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      Rebecca says

      I was noticing that, too. Must be because of all those quilts that go where they’re NEEDED…orphanages, good causes, etc.

      • says

        You won’t find any storebought bedspreads at my house. This is mom’s and she’s into decorating and everything has to match. What can I say?

  7. 11


    And I thought I had a lot of binding to do! I’m down to 3 quilts and those are HeartStrings quilts that someone has volunteered to bind for me … I need to get some more tops quilted!