Things I Can’t Get At Home

Some things just can’t be found in my part of Missouri.

First and foremost on my list of “gotta haves” was crawfish.  They’re darned expensive this year but they are big and they are good and I”ve had them twice.  My favorite crawfish place is only open on weekends so I’m hoping to get more this weekend.  They’re seasonal and I don’t get these every trip.

These are seasonal too.  Wal-Mart stores here used to carry these and I never could understand why they weren’t available in the KY and MO Wal-Mart stores but then I couldn’t find these at the Wal-Mart here either this trip.  They’re actually made in Ponchatoula, Louisiana by Elmer Chocolate.  Chocolate is about at the bottom of my favorites list but these Gold Brick eggs are better than regular chocolate.

And then there are the wonderful cupcakes!

These are one of the first things I get when I’m home. Jo’s Party House cupcakes!  They are so good — if you love sugar! 🙂

It’s a good thing I don’t come home more often than I do!  I’d be big as a barn.


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    Vicki S says

    I’m in southern OK. There are some things I can’t get here, but will find when I’m in MO – good BBQ!!! ‘Course when I’m in your neck of the woods I don’t go for Mexican.

  2. 2

    Gwen says

    Now my mouth is watering! Not for crayfish, but Goldbrick Chocolate! It was my favorite as long as we lived in east TX.
    This part of TX doesn’t know what they are missing. I need to check their website and see if they ship retail purchases. Oh what memories! Hugs!

  3. 4


    I haven’t had crawfish in eons and I really miss them! I spent 11 years in Baton Rouge after college – first weekend after I arrived I got invited to a crawfish boil. They didn’t charge me anything because I’d never had them before and I guess they figured I wouldn’t eat much. They were WRONG – I loved them!

  4. 5

    Carol says

    Please excuse my ignorance but do you cook potatoes with the crawfish? I’m trying to loose weight and I want chocolate and cupcakes…yum…I must be good!

    • 5.1

      sue williams says

      Carol- We boil our crawfish with potatoes, onions, corn, potatoes and sausage . What a treat. sue

  5. 9

    Gwen says

    I guess I won’t be ordering any for the source. All they ship is really large gift baskets. They have to be shipped overnight with dry ice and that makes them pricey. They say that Wal-Mart and Walgreen’s stock the eggs. Will be on a quest.