Book Proposal Addition

Andi Reynolds, executive editor with AQS, has left a comment on the blog entry about book proposals.  Andi does a lecture at the AQS shows (not the upcoming show in Lancaster though) covering information to help those of us wanting to be published by AQS.  Andi is also at the shows to visit with “want to be” authors about ideas and proposals.  If you’re at any AQS show and find a moment between drooling over the quilts and vendor booths, and would like to talk to Andi, you can check with the Workshop booth to see where she can be found.

There’s really nothing to be afraid or scared of when thinking about submitting a proposal.  What’s the worst thing in the whole world that can happen?  They don’t accept your proposal!  If that happens, that doesn’t mean you don’t have a good idea.  It could mean you have a fantastic idea and great quilts but AQS has just accepted a similar proposal from another author.  It could mean there’s a book about to hit the market, maybe even done by another publisher, that is similar to your idea.

So, you have a choice — you can submit a proposal with your fantastic idea and maybe end up with your book being published or . . you can sit back and be scared!  Not trying to be snippy but that’s just the way it is.  The world passes us by if we don’t step out of our comfort zone sometimes.   Don’t be the one who’s sitting in the easy chair 10 years from now, looking back and wishing you’d submitted your proposal.



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    Funny thing….a girlfriend and I have been thinking of a few ideas but haven’t really worked much on them…..but you are giving us some more courage and motivation now. Thanks!