Finish #13

Another one that was done except for the binding.  Now it’s done and in the pile going to the Houma Guild.

Now tell me . . all that complaining about me using that Spiral Square panto . . it looks absolutely gorgeous on this quilt, doesn’t it?


  1. 2


    Fabulous job on all those finishes! Square Spiral is my go-to panto any time I want something “gender neutral”. Plus it’s fun to do! You just keep up the great quilting in your Square Spiral phase. We understand…

  2. 5


    I just love it! you can complain but in the end it is gorgeous! looks great on every quilt..and no matter what you do everything always looks great!

  3. 8

    Candace says

    Way to go Judy! It’s a lovely quilt and the person to recieve it will be blessed 🙂 Don’t you feel wonderful about all those finishes?

  4. 9

    Carol says

    Who was complaining? I wasn’t. I’m in awe that you’ve finished 13 quilts and it’s only the beginning of March. You go girl!