Homemade Hand Cream

Sometimes those taking my classes bring me gifts.  Gifts are never expected but are always appreciated .. especially the ones that have special meaning . . like things people who read the blog know I collect.  Homemade gifts are always special too.

Last week a lady gave me a little Glad container of homemade hand cream.  This may be TMI but my feet crack . . badly!  It’s probably because I hate wearing shoes and am almost always barefooted.  I even have a prescription cream for my feet because they crack and bleed and it hurts!  I’ve been putting this lotion on my hands, my feet, even my face instead of my usual night cream and I’m telling you . . it’s the best stuff I’ve ever used!  My feet feel better than they’ve felt in years.  That one little tub of hand cream has been passed around and mom and dad have fallen in love with it too.

The lady gave me the recipe for it and mom and I made a batch last night.  Here’s the recipe so you can make some too:

Homemade Hand Cream:

16 oz. baby lotion
8 oz. Vaseline
8 oz. Vitamin E Cream

Mix with electric mixer til  it resembles icing.

Put in containers.

So easy to make, inexpensive and wonderful!


  1. 1

    Judy, thank you so much for sharing this recipe. I’m going to”whip” some up, too. What a lovely gift this would make.

    Hugs to you AND your friend for being so generous.

  2. 2

    just needs some lavender oil and then you’d smell all pretty…

  3. 5

    I can’t wait to try this – thanks for sharing the recipe. Looks like I’ll be making a visit to Walgreens today.

  4. 6

    thank you for sharing the receipe I’m going to make myself some.

  5. 7
    Sharie - Moss Bluff says:

    I have some “homemade” cream I received at Christmas time. It is made with goats milk. It is wonderful and wish I had the recipe for it. Yours should do the trick. I bet it smells good (baby lotion). Every year, in the winter, my thumbs crack. It is painful and besides it is hard to quilt with bandaids all over your thumbs. I thought I had made it through this year, but this past week, they cracked. If I would use my “wonder” creams more often they probably wouldn’t do that.

    • 8
      Renee Shields says:

      Use liquid bandage on your cuts. It will keep the cracks from re-opening.

    • 9

      Sharie~ my thumbs used to crack until someone recommended Vick’s Vapo-rub! sounds crazy but works like a charm. Just put Vick’s on the cracks, cover with “thumbkins” – they look like the tops of surgical gloves and fit snug. Usually takes 1/2 a day and voila! the cracks are healed. Good luck

    • 10


      I used to work at a Bath and Body Works store when my hands started to crack and peel and bleed as well. I spoke to my doctor and found out that I was washing my hands so many times a day and re applying lotion constantly and that was my problem. The anti bacterial foam soap I was using from the store was literally eating away at my skin. Believe it or not it is possible to over moisturize which was another cause to my cracking and peeling problem. Hope it goes away!! I understand how very painful it can be!!!

    • 11

      Sharie–if you have dry skin problems like cracked skin on your thumbs you will never get it corrected by putting lotions on your skin. You need to fix whats going on inside…most likely that you are deficient in essential fatty acids…especially the Omega 3′s. Taking fish oil capsules (2 or 3 a day) would give you lots of Omega 3′s and I bet in no time you won’t have the problem any longer. Also you should notice your joints start feeling a lot better too. Good luck

      • 12

        Thank you soooo much for this advice…I have had problems with my thumbs and fingers cracking and bleeding every year.. It really hurts..Going to try the fish Oil and my joints hurt too,,,Buying this as soon as possible..Thanks again

    • 13
      Ginger Foshee says:

      I have struggled with the same problem ALL MY LIFE!!! Mine mainly is with my heels …. I have to get my husband to use SUPER GLUE on the cracks in my heels so I can walk!!! Pedicures every two weeks helps a bunch!!!! I have used it on my thumbs and fingers when they crack and split open as well!!!!
      INSTANT RELIEF cause it can be painfull with those open tissues!!!

      • 14

        I use super glue on my cracked fingers! It works.

        I want to try this cream recipe – - my SIL used to work with hospice and she made it for her patients.

    • 15
      Ginger Foshee says:

      I have struggled with the same problem ALL MY LIFE!!! Mine mainly is with my heels …. I have to get my husband to use SUPER GLUE on the cracks in my heels so I can walk!!! Pedicures every two weeks helps a bunch!!!! I have used it on my thumbs and fingers when they crack and split open as well!!!!
      INSTANT RELIEF cause it can be painfull with those open tissues!!! June 2012

      • 16
        Stephanie H. says:

        I sure this is over addressed, but I have the same issue- I cant do dishes for more than 15 minutes at a time or peel oranges or handle certain foods because the acid and soap literally eats my skin. One bad reaction and I’m in pain for months. This last time I was having a reaction my dad was around and immediately cracked an egg- remove the yolk, and just recovered my hands and wrists over and over for 15 minutes. The relief was instant and felt cool and refreshing. He then told me to let it dry at least 15 minutes before washing it off. When I washed it off the egg membrane and minerals had neutralized all the acid. Usually after peeling oranges or cleaning with chemicals, it doesn’t matter how many times I try to wash the chemical acid off, it will continue to eat away at the cracks in my hands for what feels like weeks, then takes months to get over. The egg thing stopped the process right away, and while it took me a week or so to recover, it didn’t get worse like it usually does and 2 weeks recovery is better than months.

      • 17

        My heels and fingers used to crack a lot– then I found out I was mildly hypothyroid. I started taking Iodine and Armour Thyroid and now they rarely have this problem.

  6. 18

    A gal from our quilt club shared this a year or so ago-it is the best stuff! And if you use the Johnson & Johnson brand of baby lotion — you smell like a sweet baby.

  7. 19

    Aveeno and or the Walmart equivalent is my favorite hand lotion. But even the Walmart brand is expensive to me. This sound like it will be nice and thick. And the fact that it doesn’t have a lot of scent draws me in also. Can’t wait to make some. We should all say thanks to the wonderful lady who shared the recipe with you.

  8. 20

    Oh, thank you! Definitely going to whip some up this weekend!

  9. 21

    I have to make some of this up for me and my mom. Mom’s feet are also very dry and painful. Can’t wait to try it! Thank you for sharing — NOT TMI!!!

  10. 22

    I wonder if drugstores will notice all of a sudden they’re seeing a surge in the amount of these ingredients going out their doors! I’ll be trying the recipe, too.

  11. 23

    I made this using Crisco shortening instead of the Vaseline. I was too lazy to go to the store and it was wintertime and I was out of Vaseline. My feet didn’t care it was Crisco.

    • 24
      Ellen Gardner says:

      Actually, I heard that crisco is better for the skin than petroleum products as it is plant based oil. You do have to make sure the lotion is then refrigerated or the crisco will eventually go rancid.

  12. 25
    Debbie B says:

    Judy, do you use this hand cream while handling your quilts? Just wondering. Thanks to you and your friend for the recipe.
    Can’t wait to try it!!

  13. 26

    I’ve been using this for about a year and it is the best ever! No more itchy back! I discovered there is really no need to get the mixer out. You can mix it with you hands just fine.

  14. 27

    Checked my recipe and it calls for 2-15 oz. baby lotion, 2-8 oz. Vit E cream and 1 7.7 oz jar Vaseline.

  15. 28

    I even have some lavender oil that I got from the health food store for my scalp. It helps the itching from the dry heat in the house. Thank you for this! Now to get some clothes on and run to the Dollar Store, lol.

  16. 29

    Judy, a friend and I made almost 60 jars of this wonderful cream for Christmas gifts for our friends and family. We love it and so do the men in our family. Glad you discovered it.

  17. 30

    That sounds wonderful. My mom suffers with very dry skin so after I mix some up I’ll share it with her. Hopefully it will help more than the standard extra-dry skin lotions. Thanks for posting the recipe and the lady who gifted you!

  18. 31

    Thank you for this, Judy. My heels crack and bleed and hurt so badly. The only thing I could find that helped was Heel Magic at Bed, bath and beyond. I am definitely going to try your cream, as it will be much less $ and probably work much better.

  19. 32

    Oh yes thanks. I work in a fabric store and just cannot keep enough lotion on to keep hands from cracking. I’m going to make some asap. Shirley

  20. 33

    Thanks Judy for sharing this with us. I’m gonna try it soon on my hands and feet.

  21. 34

    where did you find the 8 oz. vitamin e cream?

  22. 37

    Thanks so much for putting this recipe up! I was given some for Christmas one year and have looked for the recipe ever since! It is fabulous!

  23. 38

    Been looking for this recipe! I work in healthcare and we are making this for volunteer gifts ,awesome fragrance.
    So glad you posted. Happy Holidays.

  24. 39

    I can’t wait to try this thank you so much for posting this. I’ve also been looking for something like this to give for Christmas presents for friends and family.

  25. 40

    Where do you purchase the vitamen e ?

  26. 43

    I was wondering if anyone has tried it with a scent? I was thinking it would be nice to have some “Christmas lotion” by my kitchen sink or for gifts. I wonder how it would be to add coconut oil to it? I will definitely be trying this soon!

  27. 46

    I made something like this when I caught the chicken pox again.I had them for almost a week. I mixed a couple drops of tree tea oil in with the lotion and put it on. I had itched so bad and the pink calamine stuff made me itch more. The tree tea oil burned for a little bit but it took away the itching. The pox and dry skin were gone in two days.

  28. 47

    I work in a hospital and we wash our hands constantly. I just put together a batch of this and I can’t wait to share it with my coworkers!

  29. 48

    I found the Vitamin E at Walmart today packaged as 2-4 oz tubs sealed together. It is Fruit of the Earth brand, and it has a large yellow “E” on the jar. It was with all the lotions but on the very bottom shelf. The 2-4 oz jars cost $3.67.
    I did make this today. When you first put it on it is a little bit greasy but after about 5-10 min. there is no more greasy feeling but my skin feels very very soft and smooth. I will be giving some of this to my friends and family.

    • 49

      I found the best place to get the ingredients is the Dollar General Stores. By the time you purchase all of the ingredients the batch only costs about $2.46. This is using their baby lotion and vaseline. There are two types of the vitamin E cream that they carry and the Devon brand works the best. I add essential oils to mine to make them smell different. I have also found that I only use 3/4 of the vaseline in the winter time and 1/2 in the summer. I’ve been making this for over 10 years and absolutely love it.

  30. 50

    I’m making up some of this tonight!!!!

  31. 51

    I use this same recipe but add peppermint oil when using as foot lotion. Put cool tags on saying Handmade for ?????. Everybody LOVES it (I do too).

  32. 52
    annie rae says:

    I found the VitaminE cream at Dollar General for $2 a jar, and someone else told me they saw it at Dollar Tree, but I haven’t been to town to check it out…in that case it would only be $1 !

  33. 53

    I was introduced to this cream last night. Got the ingredients to make me some and to give as gifts. Love it.

  34. 54

    Where do you find the little pump bottles at?? Very cute!

    • 55

      I found the pump bottles at Hobby Lobby for about $2 a piece, and flip top bottles for $1.49!

      • 56

        Thank you so much!!

      • 59

        That’s what I wanted to know. Thanks! ‘Purchased all the ingredients to make my lotion yesterday, but had nothing to put it in once made. I need to make a trip to Hobby Lobby, now. :-)

      • 60

        I found the little bottles at Dollar Tree! 3 in a package!

      • 61
        Pat Asher says:

        I found a set of three small bottles at Dollar Tree which makes each bottle about 33 cents each. They are usually packaged as two squeeze bottles and either one spray or one pump bottle. The squeeze and pump bottles will work well with this hand cream. I use the spray bottle for the bug spray we make.

  35. 62

    Getting ready to whip up a batch, but I wonder: what is the easiest way to bottle this up? Can you microwave it until its runny, then just pour it into the bottles?

    • 63

      Easiest and cheapest way is to do a piping method like you do for icing on a cake. Just take a plastic bag, pour the content in the bag and then cut a small to medium hole in the corner. Squeeze it directly into the bag. Melting the content in the microwave may make it too greesy.

  36. 65

    I’m thinking that I’ll put it in a big freezer bag, snip the corner off, and then squeeze it into individual containers.

  37. 66

    I wonder if it would work if I substituted coconut oil for the vaseline?

  38. 69

    Why not put it all into a large ziplock bag and cut the corner, then pipe it into your containers like you would with frosting.

    I’m going to go pick up some baby lotion and vitamin e cream tomorrow and try this out. I have really bad feet problems too.

  39. 70

    Remember that as the cream is going into the container, the air has to be coming out of the container so do not block the hole completely while filling.

  40. 72
    Kay lynne says:

    I use the lotion and vitamin E. I just use aquaphor instead of Vaseline.

  41. 74

    Would the Suave vitamin E lotion be the same as the vitamin E cream?

  42. 76

    Love this made it and gave it as gifts everyone loved it.

  43. 77

    Thank you for this posting, I will be buying supplies for this tomorrow. Have you calculated cost per oz.?

  44. 78

    I wonder what kind of scents you can use with this. I’d like some kind of berry scent, or vanilla. Any suggestions and if so how much in order to maintain the consistency?

    • 79

      I think I will try this with some scented baby lotion. I know that I have seen lavender and vanilla scented baby lotions out there! Then I don’t have to worry about the scent throwing off the mix.

  45. 80

    Thoughts about using Vitamin E oil instead of cream? I couldn’t find the cream at Target…..Would this end up really gross?

    • 81

      I used vitamin E oil and it worked great! I’m loving this lotion!

    • 82

      Although I found the Vitamin E on the bottom shelf at Dollar General, I am going to add some Vitamin E oil too. I think it will add to the healing properties for very dry skin.

  46. 83

    I made this tonight:) It’s wonderful. I bought everything Walmart brand. I also got 12 – 4oz mason jars and put it in them for Christmas gifts for our seniors at church.

  47. 84

    I put everything into a large Ziploc bag and it was very easy to pipe the mixture into the bottles. I found little flip-top bottles at Sally Beauty, then found cheaper (and cuter) ones at WalMart ($0.98 each). I also peeled the labels off the two vitamin E containers and reused them!

  48. 85

    This sounds like a cream I desperately need…winter is brutal on my hands with my knuckles cracking/bleeding and no chance to recover because I’m always getting hands wet with diaper changes, laundry, dishes, etc.

    I will have to look into these ingredients at WalMart. Thanks for sharing!

  49. 86

    I wonder how Aquaphor would work instead of the vaseline? I love Aquaphor but it does take a while to soak in.

    • 87

      I used coconut oil instead of the vaseline. I melted it in the microwave and mixed it in with the rest of the ingredients. I did let it sit for awhile before putting it in jars to let the oil harden a little. Love it!

  50. 88

    I bet the ingredients that make Aquaphor special would really make the cream awesome, but it might drive up your cost–a tube of Aquaphor at my pharmacy is upwards of $5 for 3-4 oz. I’m all about “cheap but lots of it.” LOL

  51. 89

    Where are you finding the Vitamin E cream at? I’ve tried Target, Walmart & Nature’s pantey. The one I found at Nature’s Pantry was like $12 for 3 oz of cream. I did find Vit E oil but that was it. HELP!!!! I really want to make this.

    • 90

      If you have a Family Dollar or Dollar General in your area, you might check there. They usually have it. I made some today and Family Dollar had it in a 16 oz container so I got it and just used half. Will save the rest for the next batch.

    • 91

      I found it today at Walmart but I almost missed it! I used to buy it at Dollar General.

      • 92

        Thank you for this recipie…and I found the Vit E Cream in the pharmacy at walmart..Hopr that helps…

  52. 93

    This sounds amazing! Can’t wat to make it for Christmas gifts!!!

  53. 94

    Just made some! SO excited! Used J&J Honey Apple baby lotion! Smells so good!

  54. 95

    I make this quite often. I use the creamy vaseline and the baby lotion that is shae butter. Love the smell. Everyone that I have given it to loves it also.

  55. 96

    Thanks for posting this. I saw it first on Pinterest and followed it to your blog…made it up…was amazed at the ease and how wonderful it is, and then put a link on my blog to yours. Thanks.

  56. 97

    i found the vitamin e cream at CVS in 4oz jars. i halved the recipe because i only had a few bottles.
    i can’t wait to make it again though.

  57. 98

    quilting and fabric takes the moisture out of my hands so I coat my hands with this and then put thin rubber gloves on like surgeons use–love it…

  58. 99

    I made this cream yesterday and it’s awesome! I found the vitamin e cream at Whole Foods.
    My bottles had a small opening, so I scooped the lotion into a zip lock baggie, snipped off the corner end and squeezed the lotion into the bottles that way. Just a tip! ;)
    I also used this lotion on my own hands and feet and it really feels heavenly! Thank you!

  59. 100

    Just made up a batch of it and got everything at Walmart. It’s wonderful. Next time I will probably cut back on the vaseline a bit and squeeze in some neosporin ointment for my hands that are severely cracked in the winter. Found you on Pinterest- great website.

  60. 102

    I just purchased these items to make my lotion. My grandmother has been making this lotion for many, many years! We call it our secret family recipe. I guess it’s not our familys secret anymore! This lotion is amazing, espically for those flip flop feet.

  61. 103

    I just made my first batch tonight, and I think it’s fabulous! I found the Vita E cream at Wal Mart in a two 4 oz jar “bundle”. It was around $4.00. Although I like the smell of Baby Lotion (I used Baby Magic), I would like to try the next batch with unscented baby lotion and add my own essential oil drops for a custom scented cream. Wow, this really makes your hands feel soft and you only need a tiny amount! I also made a batch of “sugar body scrub” and will be giving the two items together for my co-workers. I put them in Glad “mini” containers with red lids and a bow on top, and a small card to let them know it’s hand cream….cause it looks good enough to eat! Really fun and super easy to make!

  62. 104

    I bet putting a small amount of glycerin in it would make your skin feel even softer.

  63. 105

    I have used this lotion for years and it is the best! One variation I like is to use CREAMY Vaseline in the tube so it is a tad less greasy. Also I discovered using an electric mixer is not necessary, just stir well with a spatula. Clean-up is easier that way.

  64. 106

    I did this exactly and it’s pretty runny. Feels great though. Used the apple scented baby lotion. Smells great. What can i do to thicken it up.

  65. 107

    i made this hand cream for everybody i know for christmas. and they loved it. i put in 8oz. of vaseline its really greasy so i think 4oz. will do.

  66. 108

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this lotion!!!! i made my first batch per the recipie on pinterest, i found it a bit greasy with all the vaseline so i decided to use only one 2.5 oz tube of vaseline and then i read the comments and found that you are suppose to use 2 15oz tubs of baby lotion( i use baby magic as i love the smell) and with only 1 tube of vaseline it is amazing!!! i also gave my first batch as stocking stuffers to all the women in my immedite family, but for next christmas i will defenitly give it to some of my cousins and their wives as well so again thanks!!!!!

  67. 109

    I just made some up and it feels great. One question. Mary posted the recipe calls for double the vitamin E and baby lotion , which is correct? I did it as you have it listed. I have been using vaseline for months now on my eyes at night, really works for wrinkles. Thanks for the awesome website

  68. 110

    does anyone know if this lotion works on psoriasis?

  69. 111
    Michelle W says:

    Wonderful stuff!! And I got everything at Walmart.
    I could not figure out how to easily get the cream into my pump bottle, so I gave up and put it in the empty Vitamin E jar and a twist n loc container. Woo hoo for ziploc bags and piping the stuff in!

    • 112

      I actually used a small syringe to fill small bottles, ….squirt….tap….tap……….squirt….tap….tap, lol!

  70. 113

    my mom got this recipe from a website called pinterest.com and made. If you make this lotion it makes a lot and is great it smells good and it works. My hands get cracked and really hurt in the winter and i put this lotion on before school, when i get home from school, and before i go to bed. I have to say that this lotion works really good and lasts on your hand for a few hours. I love it!

  71. 114

    I found your blog post on Pinterest last night. I picked up all the supplies at the store this morning and “whipped” the recipe up this afternoon. I really wanted to get the lavender scented baby lotion but it was twice as much, so I went with the vanilla oatmeal scent. I decided I didn’t need a ton of the cream, so I decided to cut the recipe in half. I ended up putting the cream back into the Vitamin E jar, Vaseline jar, and a food storage container. This cream is going to be great for my hands!! I put the small Vaseline jar by my kitchen sink, and I’m taking the Vitamin E jar to put on my desk at school. Hopefully I’ll kick winter’s butt this year!! :-)

  72. 115

    I found this recipe pinned on Pinterest. I made it as Christmas gifts and only got to keep a small amount for my self. I love this stuff!! Everyone I made it for loves it too and am needing to make my second batch. My feet and hands never felt this smooth. Thank you!

  73. 116

    How do you measure all of these ingredients when they come in larger sizes? My petro jelly comes in a 13 oz container and the baby lotion in 27 oz container. I’m assuming the ounces marked are the actual weight of the product, not the amount. Do you use a measuring cup? The vitamin E cream is easy since it’s in two 4 oz jars.

    • 117

      I use a food scale or if it’s relatively simple like half goes in and half doesn’t, I just eyeball it. This isn’t one of those recipes that will be ruined if you’re a little off with any of the ingredients.

  74. 118

    One word – ELBOWS – love this

  75. 119


    • 120

      That is such a great idea!! I’m going to whip this up, decorate a glass jar top and give it to my niece. She’s 7 and battling severe eczema.

  76. 121
    Tammy Johnson says:

    Made this today finally found Vit E cream @ walmart will check Dollar General or store next batch, think I ‘ll try the lavendar lotion instead of the Johnson’s Baby Lotion for evening use & gifts I personally love the baby scent.

  77. 122
    Jeanie Motes says:

    I made this when my 13 year was a baby. I love”oil of olay” but I buy the cheaper version at wal-mart “oil of beauty”. I wonder if this would work instead of baby lotion?

  78. 123

    LOVE this stuff! I now have bottles by every sink, my bed and where ever I think I might need it!

  79. 124

    Would you recommend using this on my face? Its very dry and even flakey in some spots (ex. where my glasses rest on my nose).

  80. 125

    My son’s class made this last year for Mothers Day and it really is the best stuff!! I just did a search and found this page just so that I could find the recipe because I was running out. ;) Now that I have it, I look forward to gifting it as well. :D

  81. 126

    This worked wonderfully. Thank you very much. (I posted my review on my blog.)

  82. 127

    Thank you so much for this recipe!! I made a double batch & gave it out for Christmas gifts and have had soooo many wonderful comments. My mom called and wanted the recipe so she could make her own cause she’d used the 8oz jar I gave her in one month :) My skin especially my hands looks several years younger. Thanks again!

  83. 128

    I love this lotion! But I saved small dawn bottles and body wash bottles, then used the bags to squeeze the lotion in the bottles. This worked great! You can even spray paint the bottles you save so they look great. Thank you so much!

  84. 129

    I just made some of this lotion, and Im telling you, my hands are so soft right now! I used two 4 oz jars of vitamin E lotion, 2 small jars (3.75 oz) of Vaseline, Johnson’s body care (Melt Away Stress – 11 oz.), and a few drops of Lavender oil from Walmart. Quite delightful! I know that the amounts aren’t exact, but it still turned out wonderful! :o)

  85. 130

    We made this recipe for a Christmas Bazaar at Church this year. We had no problem finding the ingredients. We got them all at Dollar Tree. They were a dollar for each item. There were a couple things a little different. Instead of using vaseline in the jar, we used the cream type vaseline in a tube. The do not sell Johnson and Johnsons baby lotion but they had another brand that smells just as good. We also found moisturing gloves in different colors that we packaged with the jars of cream and they were also only a dollar. you could use regular socks for your feet as I am not sure if those are sold there.

  86. 131

    A friend of my mom’s made this once and it was wonderful. I’m so glad to have the recipe.

    FWIW, I had terrible problems with dry cracked heels for years. Nothing worked. My heels would get so dry they’d even crack open and bleed. Then I read that the problem could be caused by a fungus infection. I saw my doctor, took an anti-fungal for about 2 months, and voila! Normal feet!! After years of not being able to wear sandals in public it was amazing. It might be work asking your doctor about your feet. HTH.

  87. 132

    I was so thrilled to find this on pinterest! I’m hosting a baby shower next month and this will make the best favors for all the guests! The fact that it’s made with baby lotion is so cool! I’m a “theme” kind of person. If I had access to baby food jars that would be the icing on the cake! Thank you!

  88. 133

    Made some of this and I love it….I used the baby lotion that actually had the “baby” smell, lol! I cut the recipe in half and whipped it up with my mixmaster….it really is beautiful lotion…thankyou! Found you on pinterest!!!!

  89. 134

    I wouldn’t buy anything I use on my skin, or ingest, at the dollar stores….most of it is garbage from China. It says it’s “distributed” here in the US but if you google it, either you can’t find it or it’s from a country where there are no consumer laws.

  90. 135

    Have you ever tried a recipe that has glycerin in it? The glycerin based lotions are the only ones that ever work well on my horrible winter hands that crack and bleed.

  91. 137

    I have found plastic containers at Wally world and Kmart in the drug dept usually at the end of the isles. Hope this helps.

  92. 138

    hi, i am excited about making this, this coming weekend. i am going to use, as my lotion additive,,, dove pro-age body cream oil. i feel like the recipe will stretch this lotion sooooo far and make it better!! it is the best lotion ive ever used and im thinking about trying it with equal parts vasoline and aquafor. which is medicated vasoline. i use aqua for after a chemical peel. thank you soo much for the recipe. i will let u know how it turns out. i think it will make great gifts. oh,,, ps… a great way to fill those containers that have small openings is this technique… get some glad plastic wrap. spread out a good sized square. put a glob of ur lotion in the center, wrap one side over the glob, then roll it up like a tube. u can then put ur tube down an icing bag.pull one end thru ur tip. put the cap on and squeeze. u dont have to use a decorative tip if u dont want to.( i save my old toothpaste tubes for icing bags ) and pull the end of the glad wrap thru the tip of the toothpaste tube. if u twist up ur glad wrap tight enough and small enough it will slide thru easliy, then no pesky dirty icing bag to clean. just pull the glad wrap out and boom ur done!!!!

  93. 139

    I can’t wait to try this! After reading through all the comments, I am unsure which is the right recipe to use. One of the comments say to use 2 15 oz of baby lotion? Please clarify. Thank you so much!

  94. 140

    I made this following your directions. I love it and my husband does too.
    Although it feels a but greasy when first applied, it quickly absorbs into the skin.

  95. 141

    I just found this recipe on pinterest and followed it here! I loved reading all of these comments and can’t wait to make some of this for myself, my daughter, sister and nieces as gifts. Thank you!!!

  96. 142

    Has anyone tried using coconut oil instead of vaseline? I currently use coconut oil by itself on my face and body, but I think adding the lotion and vitamin E will make it even better.

  97. 144

    I’ve always sworn by Bag Balm (yes, that really is the brand name!–I guess it was originally used on irritated cow teets…). But it seems as its popularity has gone up, so has it’s price! I’ll have to give this a try!

    (if you are curious about Bag Balm, it is stocked with all the other moisturizers, in a green and red vintagy looking tin…

    • 145

      I should mention the bag balm is really greasy….slightly medicated. I use it on my cracked feet, when I go to bed and put a big thick pair of wool socks on that I don’t care very much about. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

  98. 146

    This lotion sounds great. I had the same problem with my heals cracking horribly. But I found a long term solution. Buy a LARGE bottle of Lysterine, the gold colored one. A store brand will work, too. Pour into a big container large enough for your feet. Soak 15 minutes. I did this twice in one week (using same bottle of mouthwash) and no more cracking feet!! All my life I have fought this with creams, sleeping in socks, pumice stones, and it was a constant battle. No More!! Try it.

    • 147

      Yes, I also use the Listerine or store-brand as a foot-soak and it does miracles on cracked feet, it really does work. I’m also a big fan of store-brand lavender scented epsom salts for a foot soak. This baby lotion-vaseline-vit E cream mixture also whips up nicely with one of those brand-new hand-held OXO egg-beaters which are about $20 a pop. What I’d do is also gift that beater at Christmas with the lotion, and add another third gift as a special kitchen-combo gift. I’m a practical gift-giver, but be sure to wrap it in a beautiful, creative manner. Re-using things like cylindrical oatmeal boxes, or the bottom of a plastic laundry bottle with lovely paper or fabric inserts comes to mind…or handled brown paper bags with natural decor added…ooh la la.

  99. 148

    Found your recipe on Pinterest, tried it, and love it! I’ve never felt so soft!!!
    Found the Vitamin E cream at GNC – right now, buy two, get one free!
    “Piped” the mixture into containers using a ziplock bag!
    Thanks! :)

  100. 149

    I like the recepie it seems easy for kids to make, but could not find vit. E cream so I used (smaller batch) 8oz lotion and 8 oz petroleum jelly and 2 small vit.E cap. then added some smells.
    Turned out great for my class of pre-k kids to make for mothers day.

  101. 150

    I place the whipped lotion into a zip-lock bag, close, cut a bottom corner off and squeeze into small necked containers. Our family loves this lotion and have used for several years.

  102. 151

    Does anyone know were to buy essential oils to scent these types of recipes?

    • 152

      I buy my oils at the health food store. I also substitute coconut oil for the vasoline.

      • 153

        Thanks Wendy. That is really helpful. I love the smell of coconut so I will try that for sure!

    • 154
      AngieG9 says:

      I’m going to make this, but I’m allergic to Johnson and Johnson lotion. It breaks my hands out and takes me weeks to recover. I have to use generic baby lotion and oil after showering.

      I get my essential oils at Amazon.com. The price is good and the oils are great.

  103. 155

    thank u for sharing.i tried and it really worked.
    i’m plannig to make a natural cream.i want it to be sth diffrent from all the unnatural stuff.i’ll be happy if sb help me with making it.
    thank u:D:D:D

  104. 156

    I got this recipe from a friend about a year ago and absolutely love it. Best lotion for dry skin I’ve ever tried.

  105. 157
    Donkeywrangler says:

    I gave the recipe to a 6 yr old who is battling cancer. She and her mom will make up some to share with her nurses and doctors at Texas Children’s Hospital.

  106. 158

    This is cloud soft. I have just made a baaaaaatch. We are taking it up to the north of Australia next week where the minibeasties often eat us alive. We have added citronella, lemongrass, lavender and tea-tree oil. Thank you for sharing this with us. Much appreciated.

  107. 159
    Maricella says:

    I got all my ingredients for this and am super excited to make it…the only thing is, I picked up a baby lotion from the dollar store and it is 15 oz instead of 16. Will that make much of a difference? I am tempted to go buy a travel size baby lotion. Lol!

  108. 160

    I got all the ingredients at the dollar store and made this recipe yesterday, instead of using all the vaseline, I used half vaseline and half coconut oil, lavender baby lotion along with the vitamin E. It really feels amazing. I will be making gifts for Christmas. Thanks..

  109. 161

    I was taking some water aerobics classes at our local gym and our instructor made this recipe but used an anti-aging cream with it and I am telling you she had the most beautiful skin I had ever seen and she was 68 yrs. old and in the water (with all those chemicals) 4 days a week, and her skin was gorgeous!!! I am grateful for the recipe and will try it for sure!!!

  110. 162

    OMG! Thank you for posting this recipe! I have eczema and I’m always mixing expensive lotions with expensive diaper rash creams and gels. Ive used baby lotion which surprisingly gave the same effect as the expensive brands or even prescribed lotions, but non to the effect I need for relief. So I’m going to try this and sounds like it’s going to be a winner :) I’m try it out and if I get the relief, I will mix up a batch for my niece she’s 7 and her eczema blisters. :)

  111. 163

    I just mixed up a batch and I used the walmart version of the baby lotion, the night time scent, it smells soo good! the only thing I noticed is the lotion very greasy I think due to the vasiline, is this normal? Is there any way to cut the greasy feeling?

  112. 164

    Thanks! Will try this! Can I add some essential oil for scent?

  113. 165
    Melinda says:

    Been making this myself. Haven’t used mixer just put all in a ziplock bag and squeeze it all up good. Put back in the vitamin e and Vaseline containers, but if I give as a gift I use others.

  114. 166

    I just made some up & this stuff is fantastic!! Cvs only had one 4oz container of vit E cream so I halved it & still ended up with enough to last months! Mine was not very “pourable” so getting it into containers was tricky. But I got moisturized in the process :)

  115. 167

    I bought the lavender scented baby lotion in the pale laveder bottle…smells great!

  116. 168

    Hi! I just found this on Pinterest and am so excited to try it. My heels and elbows are extremely dry no matter what I try. This sounds like this may do the trick! Thanks!

  117. 169

    I love this lotion! I’ve been making it for awhile. To make it even less expensive, I get my ingredients at the dollar store. They even have petroleum jelly in a cream style which is easier to get in the mixing bowl. I use a fork, no mixer, and it comes together very easily and there’s less to clean. I haven’t been able to find vitamin E cream around here, but I did find the oil and that works well too. To give it a little personalization, I add a few drops of my favorite perfume. I use a rubber spatula to get the lotion into my containers which I also get at the dollar store. Enjoy!

  118. 170

    I’m an aesthetician… Vaseline in HORRIBLE for your skin, it’s a petro chemical. Being that skin is the largest organ in your body you really don’t want that gunk in there… it’s unhealthy. Instead of Vaseline you can go to a health food store (I go to Whole Foods) and get some Alba’s Unpetrolium Jelly… It’s in the baby aisle. It’s hypo-allergenic, no animal testing, won’t clog pores, etc… GREAT product!

    • 171

      Hi Nicole!

      Thanks so much for posting this! I had heard petroleum was absolutely horrid for your skin. I’ve never used it much anyway and will definitely use something else in its place for this lotion.

      Have a great weekend! :)

  119. 172

    Omg! This is called wonder cream. My mom has made this for a long time now…My cousin got this recipe from her doctor and gave it to my mom. It works wonders on stretch marks you have to use for a little while but they will eventually disapear.

  120. 173

    My heels also crack. Tthey use to burst all the way open I actually had huge holes in my heels and they stayed infected. But I had to be put in the hospital lots of times. Finally the dr had to do surgrey on both. Anyway I am always scared it will.happen again, so I am going to make this. Thank you.


  121. 174

    Thank you for sharing your recipe, My skin dries in the summer, I will try this myself and post an update.
    Thank you

  122. 175

    I’m sure it works good but just a side note Vaseline is actually very bad for your skin in just sits on top and doesn’t let the moisture in…

  123. 177
    Cindy Clawson says:

    I make this using Creamy Vaseline and use it after the pool several times a day!!

  124. 178

    Making this on the weekend! My fingers are crossed that it works and is not going to irritate the skin… my mom and I both have bad eczema and cracked hands and heels. We have seen the doctor who has given us everything from anti fungal creams and pills to this prescribed tar mixture….yes, tar….brown sticky tar that burns like no tomorrow! What ingredients can I substitute for the petroleum jelly that won’t compromise quality but may make it less greasy ( I want to use it on my face as well but anything greasy and my skin condition flares up) … I just don’t want my substitution to make the mixture too runny :) thanks everyone… also to save you time…I’m from Canada so we don’t have dollar tree etc

  125. 179

    thank you so much, my daughter had told me about this.but not all the ingredients. so thank you

  126. 180

    OMG! I can’t wait to try it! Could I flavor it to give it some “Good” smell?

  127. 181

    Thanks so much for this wonderful recipe….My DD and I just made this and I am going to give for teacher gifts this year….smells and feels wonderful….we cut off the top of water bottles to use as funnels to put in pretty plastic lotions bottles.

  128. 182
    Jennifer G says:

    This is the ONLY lotion that keeps my son’s poor cracking hands healed in the winter! Good stuff!!

  129. 183

    I made this today and I am so impressed. So glad I found this. thanks

  130. 184

    My Mom gave me this recipe years ago and still use it but will change the regular baby lotion fragrance to lavender next time. Regular is too strong for me. I’m very sensitive to fragrances but this is great stuff! You know you got a good thing going when your still getting post on a product since March of 2010 !!!

  131. 185

    Thank you for giving me an idea for my son’s Bedtime bath lotion that’s been sitting around for six months. Some one gave me six bottles of it and it’s hanging around the house because my husband and I don’t use it on him anymore.

  132. 186
    Marina Desiree says:

    I reviewed this recipe on my blog. Since I am from Germany I had trouble with the Vitamin E Cream and had to substitute with Vitamin E Acetate. I also replaced the vaseline with shea butter and it turned out great!, Hope my brother-in-law will enjoy it as much! Thanks for posting this easy recipe.

    • 187

      Thank you so much for the recipe. I just made some and it is wonderful already. I used it on my feet and they feel fantastic.

  133. 188
    Connie Rowand says:

    Just made a batch and found all ingredients at the local dollar store I put mine in little glass mason jars gonna make some as gifts for next Christmas to. Any idea on how long it will be good for does it go bad after awhile?

    • 189

      I usually make it fresh eat year, however I didn’t make any this year and really needed it. I found a jar that managed to get stuck on a windowsill of all things (it could be multiple years old) and it still works great but the coloring did turn a little yellow but it could have been the essential oil I added. I checked the vaseline and the Vitamin E lotion and neither listed an expiration date. If the lotion does then I would use that as your Best if Used By date

  134. 190

    I use coconut oil & it works great…………..

  135. 191
    Margaret Roy says:

    I made a batch of this hand cream and it is marvelous, wonderful, sensational . . . I ran out of superlatives! I love it! Thank you for the recipe!

  136. 192

    I just made a batch of this hand/foot cream today. Wow does it make your skin soft. I t made enough to make three 8oz jars.I just filled the vitamin e jar and the empty vaseline jar, back up with the cream. I purchase all the products from the dollar general for approx 5 dollars

  137. 193
    Marlene Duffy says:

    Thanks so much for sharing the recipe for Home made Hand cream . I made a batch & its the best stuff I have ever used . I gave some to my daughter & she loves it

  138. 194

    I can’t wait to try this. The combination of the three sounds awsome. Hoping it will help with my skin condition. Psoriasis truly is a heart breaking issue for me.

  139. 195
    Marlene Duffy says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this recipe , I have found its the best I have ever used for dry skin , —- works well for feet too . I made the first batch & shared some with my daughter & friends . I,ve made a second batch & I used Vaseline with Cocoa butter for this one & love it . I also added some cherry blossom scented lotion to the baby lotion & it gives a lovely smell .

  140. 196
    Laura M. says:

    I tried this lotion and OMG it is fabalous. My whole family loves it even my teenagers.

  141. 197
    Leigh Ann Ramey says:

    I’m an RN in the ambulatory surgery department at a hospital, so I wash my hands a zillion times a day – both with soap and with hand sanitizer. I have naturally dry skin, then with all the hand washing – it’s a disaster! We’ve been using this hand cream at work for a couple of years – the entire staff loves it! It’s waaaay better than any commercial product we’ve tried. We typically use the Dollar General Store brand products to make the cream, and put it in small screw top containers by each sink.

  142. 198

    I can’t wait to try this. I also work in medicine and washing my hands so often does a number on my hands.

    I just wanted to mention that cracked heels are a sign of an underactive thyroid so if this is a big problem I’d recommend getting your thyroid checked.

  143. 199
    Darlene Stone says:

    I received some of this cream for Christmas from a dear friend. I absolutely LOVE it. It has been the best hand cream I have found for my dry skin and feet. Thank you for sharing the recipe. :-)

  144. 200
    Floyd Gary Thacker says:

    I know I am probably the only man posting – but we get dry heals, too & our feet hurt, especially if we suffer with flat feet. This sounds like a wonderful massage lotion for feet and hands. I like the suggestion of “piping” into containers with a snipped ziplock bag. Thanks all of you for posting such great advice and remember for you and your husbands to give each other foot massages while you watch TV!

  145. 201
    AngieG9 says:

    I have all the ingredients except the baby lotion on hand. I don’t remember where I got the Vitamn E cream, but I’ve had it for years. I’m thinking I will use half vaseline and half coconut oil with unscented baby lotion, and add some essential oil I bought online from Amazon.com. I’ll divide it and make two or three different scents, and put the lotion in some small containers I have stashed away for projects like this. Thanks for the recipe. I’m hoping it will help clear up the psoriasis on my head. I’ve had to wear a hat when I go out for the past two years, and that gets hot in the summertime.

  146. 202
    AngieG9 says:

    I got my generic baby lotion at KMart today, and it has a wonderful rose smell. I used 3 Tbls. coconut oil and 3 Tbls. vaseline, with a couple of Tbls. glycerin, and the 8 oz of Vit. E oil, whipped it up, and OMG, it is wonderful. There is no oily feeling to it at all, and it smells out of this world. My next batch I think I will add some lavendar essential oil to the rose so I can have a second smell, and then try to find an odor free baby lotion and add Patchouli oil to make some for the men in the family who might not appreciate smelling like roses and lavendar. This is wonderful stuff. I have already slathered it all over my body and I personally think I smell wonderful. Tomorrow I’ll slather it again after my shower and then go down to visit some friends to see if they notice how wonderful it smells. It feels so much better than the Olay I have been using, and feels better also. I love it, love it, love it. I’m so glad I found this site.

  147. 203
    AngieG9 says:

    Don’t know if people are still posting to this site, but I’m going to make my second double batch of the hand creme in a couple of days, and this time I’ll use all coconut oil instead of vaseline. It has more natural healing properties, and I found a web site where I ordered some 4 oz tins with screw on lids to package the creme in. I’ll add different scents to it, making some masculine, and use it for Christmas gifts in the bags I’m making this year. It will be a completely home made Christmas from my place in 2013.

  148. 204

    I made this many months ago and found that it is the only lotion that doesn’t make my skin itch from the eczema on the back of my legs. I going to make another batch but this time instead of Vaseline, I’m going to use coconut oil. Its better for your skin. This amount last for some time. love it!

  149. 205

    I’ve been making this for a few years, and it is wonderful for feet! I found that if you use Eucerin Intensive Repair Lotion for up to half of the lotion in the recipe, it really kicks it up a notch! It’s more of a body butter consistancy, and makes a great recipe even better! I only use unscented lotion too. I am Diabetic, and my doctor always comments on what wonderful shape my feet are in! ;) Maybe I should give her a jar! Another hint for those with dry feet, switch to wool socks!

  150. 206

    My mother & I make this a lot. I give it as teacher gifts for my daughter. We use Jergens lotion instead of baby lotion for the scent and the extra healing for “winter dry skin”. My mom & I also have a thyroid condition that causes severe dry skin. This mix is the best ever! We also use 2 tubs of vitamin E instead of 1.

  151. 207
    Brenda McLaughlin says:

    I’ve made this a few times only I use Vaseline with Cocoa Butter. Love it.