More Info on the Hand Cream

Don’t you wish I could get my act together and put everything in one blog post?  Never going to happen!  🙁

If you have Dollar General stores around you, that’s where we got the Vitamin E Cream.  Other places have it, but that’s where the lady who gave me the recipe said she got hers and that’s where we got ours.

If you’re lucky, and if you love lavender like I do, you can find lavender baby lotion at Wal-Mart or Walgreens — some of the larger type stores.  It’s actually called “bedtime lotion” . That’s enough to give the lotion a good lavender smell.  When I’m home and making a batch for just me, I’ll probably add a drop of lavender E.O., but if you use the regular pink baby lotion, it will smell a bit like a baby.  In fact, when we came home with the container the lady had given me, my niece’s 6 year old smelled it, looked at her 2 year old brother and said “Hey, he used to wear this!”

There’s an unscented baby lotion, one with aloe and Vitamin E, a cucumber/melon, one with shea and cocoa butters . . and more!

And, if you’re looking for cute containers, be careful of the size of the hole at the top.  Some of the ones I got have a hole too small and if I use the smallest of funnels, the hole in the funnel is too small to get the lotion through.  I’m going to save all my empty pump and squeeze containers from soaps and creams I have at home and they’ll be great for my use as well as for giving away.

Now  . . I’m off to a quilt show all day!  🙂


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    Michelle B says

    I used to work at the Walmart in my next town and they sell Vitamin E cream. It is usually stored on the bottom shelf in the lotion aisle.

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    Katie says

    Try putting the lotion in a zip-top bag and cutting off one corner – use it like an icing piping bag to get the lotion into those containers with openings too small for your funnel!

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    Toni says

    That’s the exact same cream I make!! This recipe has really traveled around! I put mine in small plastic jars I found in the fine art supplies at Michael’s. I think they were $1.50 each.

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    Homemade lotion is fun to make and give. Have fun at the Quilt show, I will watch for Pictures… Thanks for sharing!

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    I have to make that lotion……I work part-time doing typing for a podiatrist and she has told me to save myself money and not worry about buying a lot of prescription or expensive foot creams….to use vaseline or a vaseline based cream each night on my feet and put socks on to sleep. SO…I would think this “recipe” would work well since it uses vaseline in it!

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    Becky R says

    Just found no Dollar General stores west of Arizona so glad someone posted to go to Walmart. I think stuff should help a lot.

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      I wanted to try making some lotion but I wondered if Vitamin E Oil would work… the same as Vit. E cream? I have used the oil on surgery scars and it is terrific.


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    bert says

    Shopped for the hand cream ingredients. Found the basics at the Dollar Store. However, I did notice that the petroleum jelly and the baby lotion were each a 1/2 ounce short. Guess this is how all the manufacturers are saving a little money.

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      Kristy says

      You are right on that one. I thought it was weird that a peanut butter would have that it was still 18 oz on it and everyone laughed at me because I didn’t know all the companies were cutting back including making the toilet paper rolls shorter width wise.

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    Angie says

    Judy, I just wanted to let you know that making the lotion became our after Sunday Family Dinner project last night, instead of a board game or the Oscars on TV—We made lotion! I did buy the lavender scented baby lotion, but it needs just a tad more lavender smell for me. So, next batch I will get some lavender essential oil to put in the recipe. We had a lot of fun! Everyone went home with a container of this lotion. What a hoot! See you just never know the entertainment factor you inspire along with the quilting and cooking inspiration you provide! Thank you! BTW: I’m impressed with the lotion—I may never buy the over the counter, QVC (expensive) stuff again!

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      Janice says

      I have made this lotion for several years. In the winter I exchange triple antibiotic cream where it calls for Vaseline. Or make a double batch and do the 8oz. of each.

      • says

        I was thinking about doing this myself with the neosporin. Can’t wait to try this on my poor dishpan hands/cuticles!

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    Kathie says

    Made this with the Johnson and Johnson honey apple baby lotion, a 4.5 tube of generic creamy vasoline from Dollar Tree and 2 small tubs of Vitamin E lotion from Wal-mart. I didnt put all the vasoline in it (maybe 3oz) and it smells fantastic!

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    I do not know if someone already shared this tip or not because I can’t see the other comments that have been left for some reason – but I make bath & body products for myself & the easiest way I’ve found to get thick creams & lotions inside containers with small necks is to spoon the cream into a zip-top baggy, (squeeze as much of the air out of the bag as possible as you zip it up) then snip one bottom corner of the baggy off & “pipe” the cream into your containers this way. This is the simplest method I’ve found. There are also gadgets created especially for this very thing that you can find on websites such as Wholesale Supplies Plus. Hope that helps! ?

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    janice says

    I have used Dollar Store Creamy Vaseline with vitamin E for a long time….loving it so muchI began using it on my face and neck daily. I also swim everyday – very drying – anyway, my skin looks terrific and I LOVE this $1.00 stuff. I was recently gifted VERY VERY EXPENSIVE face lotions….guess what? The creamy vaseline is better! No mixing, straight out of the tube. JUST TRY IT!!!