More Donation Quilts

These quilts were already finished and will be donated next week to the Cane Cutters Guild in Houma, LA to go to the children’s home they support. All are in the 60″ x 80″ size range.  These three have been shown here before but one last time .. here they are before finding new homes.

This is one that was done as a Quilt for an Hour project and is in Weekend Quilts with a different pieced border.

And, this last quilt, I have to tell you a funny story about it.  Probably 6 or 8 years ago, the quilt shop had a beautiful Jim Shore fabric with Christmas santas on it.  I bought enough for a backing and came up with this design to make for the top.  It was quick and easy and great for a quilt I’d only bring out at Christmas.  Used colors that were in the Jim Shore fabric – green, gold, purple, deep red.  But, once I made the top, I totally forgot about the Jim Shore backing fabric and used something else.  Later, I realized . . Wait a minute!  That was supposed to have the Jim Shore fabric on the back. Too late.  So, this quilt is being donated.  It will help keep someone warm and I’ll eventually make myself a quilt and use that Jim Shore backing.

Once I finish the binding on the quilt I’m working on today, that will be 10 quilts ready to go to the Cane Cutters Guild in Houma and 10 quilts was my goal to donate to them in 2010.  I will see some of the Houma ladies in Baton Rouge and handing the quilts to them will save shipping costs.  Now it’s time to get crackin’ on the 10 QOV quilts I plan to donate this year.


  1. 1

    Teajuana says

    Judy, when I read your goals to donate so many quilts this year, I thought “thaose are a pretty big goals.” Your list would have kept me up at night. :0) You have 10 already done before the 1st week in March! I’m impressed by your dedication and generosity. I’m anxiously waiting to see the next 10. Happy quilting…

  2. 2

    Bobbie says

    A couple of days ago you asked us “what inspired us?” The above says a whole bunch!!! Love ya, Bobbie
    And really admire you!!!

  3. 3

    Robin says

    I agree with the others- you inspire us! All are lovely as always-though I have to say that the one in the middle is not your usual fabrics. 🙂 As for me- I’m just trying to get the 2 Quilts for Kids quilts done in the next month.

  4. 5


    Great quilts and very lucky people to receive them. Quilts are like rabbits in your house, very prolific and they must multiply while you sleep.

  5. 6


    3 great quilts that with other 7 will help keep 10 children warm.
    You are kind-hearted, and is inspiring other quilters to quilt something for unfortunate people. As for me I coordenate Love Quilts in Brazil ( ) , and I am doing the best I can. It’s worthwhile seeing a smile on the faces of very sick kids when they receive their quilts. It is a blessing for them and sure for all the volunteers too.

  6. 7


    Lovely quilts and a generous heart- those children are indeed fortunate to receive your beautiful quilts.

  7. 8

    Kathy McC says

    I love seeing your finished quilts, even if we’ve seen them before. What a wonderful goal you’ve reached. I’m glad you PLANNED ahead of time to work on bindings while you are on your trip.

  8. 10

    Carol says

    Bravo! Your generosity is an inspiration for us all. Can’t wait to see the next quilts.

  9. 13

    Barbara says

    I have fallen in love with the first quilt shown in this pot and would love to make it as MY first quilt – could you tell me the name and where you got the pattern ?

  10. 14

    Barbara says

    OK – this is my first visit here – is this quilt “Shining Stars” ? as I try to take foot out of mouth and learn to read entire site next time before asking questions …

  11. 15


    I got your awesome book as I want to make the top quilt in this post. Have one question the ruler you talk about what size should it be.

    Thanks! Love your quilts and your blog.