Design Wall Monday – March 8

It looks like I didn’t get much done since last Monday and I didn’t get much done on this quilt but don’t forget . . I’ve been binding up a storm!  What I did accomplish is getting all of the blocks made for my Cupcake quilt.  It doesn’t take long sewing in hotels and at mom’s to make me really, really appreciate my sewing room at home.  I’m happy to have been able to sew at places besides home but . . there’s no place like home!

Please share what’s on your design wall or floor or . . what was on it any time during the week.


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    Robin says

    All I can say is WOW!!! Can’t wait to see what borders are going on. As for me- still no design wall but one of these days I’ll have one! But quilting almost finished onQuilt for Kids quilt and finally got the DH’s wolf quilt finished. Have another to pick up from quilter. And of course there are odds and ends that I’m working on.

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    Still playing with my bunnies. Now that the quilt has grown from 8 blocks to 20 I’m a little concerned I won’t get it done for Easter. But I will finish it! Looking forward to your dazzling borders Judy! I really like your cupcakes.

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    It will be a very happy quilt. You are right nothing like our home and sewing space. Don’t say you didn’t get so much done, because we know you are doing…what about those 10 binding wonderful quilts?
    Have a great week! – Hugs

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    Linda C says

    It looks great, and it must be a great pattern *grin* I am working on the same block, and so is crazy’boutquilts. I picked the idea up from her. This is a great source of inspiration, thank you again, Judy.

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    Here we go again. Your cupcake blocks are so pretty with the dark background. My 30’s fabrics are on my wall again. I sure do have a variety of them and am still collecting. The Design Wall keeps me going… Thanks Judy!

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    Sandy Gail (Sandra Neel Hutchins) says

    Your Cupcake Quilt makes me want to go right over to the bakery and order pretty cupcakes!
    I love your system for leaving comments. I can just supply my e mail address and name. After you have reviewed comments they are posted, the best I can tell. I would love to comment on several blogs, but I can’t, because one must have a Google account or some other inconvenient process is required for commenting on several blogs. You probably have the most popular blog around. I haver seen several blogs from my state but their process for commenting on their blogs is inconvenient or even impossible. I’m hoping that more great quilting bloggers will follow your way of posting comments.

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    Hi! I am a new blogger so that makes me a newbie at Design Wall Monday! Now to see what everyone else is up to today!

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    Judy, I think you should know….

    I was showing off your blog ~ and your quilts to the ladies in my office today…telling them about your quilting, your books, your knitting and your gourmet cooking…

    Our beginning quilter, beginning sock knitter said she already hates you, lol…then I told her you were slender too, ROFLOLPIMP… and she said she REALLY, REALLY hates you! She loves your quilts and socks! I think that was all complimentary, lol. She’s struggling with her first pair of socks…and she knits beautiful scarves, afghans and sweaters!

    I love all your donation quilts! That first one…the stars on tan/cream is my favorite. My other co-worker loves the Cupcake quilt and thinks it’s a cute story about how the quilt came to be.

    Thank you for providing some levity in our office today!!!

    Hugs, Susan

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    There’s absolutely NOTHING on my design wall and there hasn’t been since I took it down for the boys visit.

    I’ve actually avoided putting it back up hoping that will keep me from starting anything new until both of the wedding quilts are done. If I stop procrastinating maybe I can get Adam’s loaded and quilted this week.