Be Careful What You Share

One of my favorite places to eat is Fogo de Chao and it isn’t because of the limitless melt in your mouth served at your table meats.  It’s those little rolls.  For us, the cost of eating there is kinda high and Vince thinks we should eat the meat in order to get our money’s worth.  I’m perfectly happy to sit there and eat the warm rolls as soon as they bring them out.  I like the salad too and while the meat is always good . . I’d take the rolls over the meat any day.

A blog reader, Ida, sent me a this recipe.  They’re so good and I’ve been making them at home for a while now.  After searching and finally finding tapioca flour in Lake Charles, I made the rolls for mom and dad.  They’re hooked.  They keep wanting more!  Tonight after dinner, way too late to be eating bread, mom asked for the rolls.

This was mom’s plate and I think she’d already eaten a dozen before I got the picture.  She and dad put jelly in them . . I put butter in mine.  Either way, it’s not the best bedtime snack but they sure are good.  They’re easy and mom should be able to make them after I’m gone.


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    Arlyn Parker says

    I made them right after you posted the recipe the first time-they are ADDICTIVE! I’m on my second bag of tapioca flour. Thanks so much (I guess!!!)

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    I’m very happy to know there are a few people over there tasting and enjoying this Cheese bread, a tradicional Brazilian receipe. I love to eat it with “requeijão”, try it with cream-chease, it is the most similar to the requeijão we have here.

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    I loved your blog post, and I am glad you enjoyed the recipe that came from my website 😉 Honestly, I would rather eat a bowl of their cheese puffs instead of their spectacular desserts. Any day.

    Thank you very much for the mention of the recipe!

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      Oh, my . . I never thought about a real person being behind the copykat recipe site. Thank you for maintaining that site. I’ve found so many good recipes there.

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    Cindy B says

    The recipe calls for sweet and sour tapioca flours. I found Bob’s Red Mill tapioca flour but it isn’t labeled sweet or sour that I can see. Small towns are the pits when it comes to specialty food products.

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      Tell me how hard it is to find things in small towns! But honestly, I had a hard time finding tapioca flour even in Lake Charles which is way bigger than my small town. I’ve only been able to find Bob’s plain tapioca flour and just add the two amounts and use just the one flour.

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    okperi says

    Ok, now I guess I have to hunt down tapioca flour, lol. Glad you mentioned you used just the one kind….hopefully I can find both here in OKC, but one never knows, lol. It may be like trying to find India Relish ……I get funny looks when I ask for that…..and it is a Heinz product! Thank you for keeping your eye out for new projects, lol.