My Favorite Helper

My niece’s third child is the funniest kid.  I love sitting and talking with her.  She loves to joke and she loves having her picture taken!

Smiling big enough to show she’s missing two bottom teeth.

Playing with the iPod she took to school . . that wasn’t supposed to happen!

Entertaining her little brother.  I miss these kids so much and wish I could spend more time with them.  Maybe more time with the 2 year old when he’s sleeping!  He is such a handful!


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    Your pictures of your nieces child has really cheered me up, she looks so nice. My grandaughter lost her first tooth last week, so I look forward to seeing her on Sunday with her gap! Sunday is Mothering Sunday here in England.

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    Judy this has nothing to do with this post but I just had to share this. I was watching local news this morning and was wondering if Chad is a contestant in the bird calling event this weekend? LOL They had this guy who is the national owl hooting winner. I figured if they could show him, they should showcase Chad with his duck calls. You know, we quilters must stick together in all aspects of our lives…

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    Judi says

    Before you know it you will have grandchildren to entertain or entertain you. I get to babysit my 4 next week for 5 days looking forward to it but I know the 18 month old and 3 year old will be a challenge. lol I think I may be getting to old for this.

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    Jane says

    LOL yes 2 year old boys can be a handful…especially loaded up on sugar!!!! (is he eating marshmellows???) LOL!!!!!!

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    Amy says

    Did I see Barney in the background? I really wished that he would be all gone bythe Time Jcaob made it onto the scene…