Good Eating Habits

At dinner time, I thought my chicken strips from Cane’s for lunch would be enough.  As soon as it got too late to go out, I decided I was hungry.


Chex Mix and Cheetos from the hotel vending machine, Gold Brick egg and Dr. Pepper from my traveling stash.  I cannot wait to get home to a real home cooked meal!


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    That is not a good meal there Judy! But I see you have a real Dr. Pepper finally — hope it was a good meal! So good finally meeting you in Baton Rouge — I had a great time in your class and enjoyed our out-of-class time as well! Safe travels back to Missouri!

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      Rick, I’m still thinking whether I’m going to switch to diet DP or just give it up and drink water. I have to do one or the other though. Thanks so much for driving over to BR. It was so nice to meet you. I’ve already posted on Sheryl’s site . . don’t you all plan a fun get together in NO without me! 🙂

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      The can was empty at that point (as were the bags of snacks). They were only sitting on the table by the lamp for the photo. That’s not saying I wouldn’t have had them there while they were full but I had sat in the easy chair and read the Kindle while eating.

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    Awe… I don’t think I could live like that. Why don’t you get a small motorhome and travel in it instead of hotels? Much better. Kitchen equipped! And… you can take along a sewing machine!

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      I don’t travel that much and the last thing I want is something else I have to clean or pay insurance on! It’s much easier and way, way more economical for me to stay in a hotel a dozen or so nights a year. This has been a crazy month . . there will be no others like this one.

      • peggy says

        We had a motorhome for a while. The day we sold it was one of the best days. They are a lot of work! I thought it would be good to be able to cook and have our own bathroom. What it really was was another bathroom and kitchen to have to clean!

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    CJ has a great idea…a motor home would be perfect….stash of fabric, machine, cases and cases of The Dr. and maybe even bring a chicken or two along for fresh eggs on the road..

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      I have no desire for a motor home . . whether I’m traveling once a month or 20 nights a month. Those appeal to me in the least! Give me a hotel with a nice, clean, comfortable bed, someone else to come in and scrub the toilet and vacuum the carpet and I’m real happy!

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    Diane says

    That is usually what happens to me. I think I won’t be hungry, I had such a big late lunch then just as everything closes I’m starving. I have had a few dinners like that in a hotel. Not great but I survived.
    I thought of you last week as we were in Baton Rouge for two days. I enjoyed driving over to Henderson and eating E’touffe at Pat’s, YUM.

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    Sharie - Moss Bluff says

    Safe trip home………………..
    Have you tried the Chex Mix with Chocolate and Carmel?
    Oh so good…………..

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    Sandy says

    I will take my motorhome anyday over a hotel room…..especially since I watched the 20/20 program a that showed what germs are lurking in the rooms…and beds!! And these were nice hotels….the Marriott, La Quinta, and the like. (Judy, you don’t want to know.)

    I bet the men are missing you at home too. Everyone will be glad to get a homemade meal.

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    Carol in SW IN says

    Judy, have you ever thought of keeping a jar of peanut butter, a stash of crackers, juice boxes, single serving mac & cheese bowls, single serve oatmeal bowls, single serve rice bowls, dried fruit as an emergency stash in your car? I have a friend who travels alot and gets paid per diem for meals each day. She figures that if she can eat from her stash for breakfast and lunch, then she can splurge on a nice diner somewhere. For you that might not work, but it is a thought.

    If you come to Mt. Vernon, IN, I would be more than tickled to make you a real homemade meal.

    Have safe travels
    Carol in SW IN