Design Wall Monday – March 15, 2010

Sadly, I have nothing on my design wall.  I’m still in a hotel.  You can’t imagine how badly I want to get home and sew.  Please share what’s on your design wall.  I will live vicariously through those of you who have been able to sew.


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    Lois says

    I’ve really enjoyed looking at all the blogs for the last month or so, and at last I’ve got something I can join in with.

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      Oh, yes, a design floor counts. A couple of past Mondays I’ve had design floors but I haven’t even worked on anything since Monday and that was too many nights ago in too many different places. I’ll be home tonight.

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    Hope you will be home soon for a good sewing (& cooking) session! I have lived my share of days in hotels and it stops being interesting real quick…

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    Gosh…it seems like you have been away from home for AGES now. I hope your travels end safely AND soon!!! I’m sure your chickens are missing you (oh, yes….and Vince and Chad are missing you, too, of course!)

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    My design wall this weekend was in a hotel also. I spent 3 nights in Portland at a Trade show. Saw a lot of beautiful quilts at a Quilt show and met some very nice Vendors of new Fabric lines. Too much Information and eye candy. Can I just throw a few Fat Quarters at the wall??? Travel safe! Click your heels and you’ll be back in Missouri soon…

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    Enjoy your travels and be careful…see you soon!! Bonnie said she was blessed to meet you, how much fun is that!

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    On the weekend my DH was rolling his eyes when I wondered aloud what Judy’s chickens were up to, as I clicked to your blog 🙂
    Now I know why they have not been mentioned lately…they are missing you!
    Safe travels!

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    Have a safe trip home.

    I always find it a bit curious when one of the links takes me to a post with nothing on the design wall (or anything quilty anywhere else in the message), or an update that says, “the same thing is on my wall.” But had YOU not posted today (with someone on the design wall/floor or not), it wouldn’t have felt like Monday, without some Design Wall Monday links to enjoy.