Honey, I’m Home

I’m home and I’m shouting from the rooftop that there’s no place like home!  The trip home seemed to have taken twice as long.  I know it didn’t but I was so tired . . tired when I started and especially tired now that I’m home.

For those of you who contacted me about dates for workshops and I asked you to contact me when I get home . . now’s the time to ask me again.  I’ll respond in the order in which you originally contacted me, so long as you contact me by the end of this week.  And, there were several other questions/requests that I asked folks to remind me when I got home so please do that now too because I can’t remember anything I was supposed to do when I got home.

Maybe the brain will work better tomorrow but . . maybe not!  🙂


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    Welcome Home. I placed an order for your book while you where away. I am really looking forward to recieving it. Can you let me know, when it is on it’s way?

    There is no place like home.

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    I’m curious to know how Speck greeted you after you had been gone for SO long? (I’m thinking the chickens probably won’t react one way or the other, but Speck may be royally annoyed at you!!)

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    Judy C in NC says

    After meeting (in person) Bonnie Hunter, do you think you may just clean out the no longer wanted fabric from your shelves to make room for more Dimples and perhaps make a really scrappy Bonnie quilt? I follow her blog also, and she was really excited to have finally met you in person. I just love it when two really wonderful quilters find each other.