Spammers seem to be multiplying like rabbits.  For some crazy reason, I’m getting about 1,200 spam comments per day.  Someone needs to learn to quilt or knit!  🙂  I know . . it’s mostly automated comments but no matter how they get here, I’m tired of dealing with them.

I have all the controls set that I can set to keep them away and they’re not getting through (yet) but I’ve changed the settings here so that comments cannot be left on blog posts older than 3 days.  So, if you’re behind reading the blog and you want to comment, you can send me an email.  If this doesn’t help control the spam, I’ll change it back to where all posts can have comments.


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    I had to put controls on mine for about a week…the spammers went elsewhere and I haven’t had any more since…

    good luck.

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    Ugh, so annoying. I’ll have to have my webmaster son see if I can make it so there’s no comments on older posts. That seems to be where they lurk.

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    I’ve been getting a lot of spam lately, too — this morning alone, there were 25. They don’t get through the safety net, thank goodness! Some of them are a bit “rude”! 😉

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    Wlecome home. Glad you had a good trip. Sorry to hear about your spam troubles. So annoying.

    I just love your black quilt you recently finished, I think you called it Ice Cream Cone. Will you be putting a Cheat Sheet up for that?

    Thanks, Laurel

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    I’m not complaining… I’m not popular enough to deal with this yet but maybe b/c I’ve had my posts set from the beginning to have word verification on new post comments and moderation on older ones? Don’t know but so far so good.

    I hope it clears up for you, though!

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    Cynthia H., El Cerrito, CA says

    Maybe word verification *is* the way to go… I know that I myself have occasionally run across an older blog post and left a comment, so it would be frustrating not to have access to the 3-day-old posts…

    Speaking of which, my most recent “old post” comment asked:

    How large is the Cupcake quilt, and how large are its blocks? I’m trying to drag myself kicking and screaming into pieced borders, and this is another one that really needs them! And I like it–at lot!

    Thank you, Judy; I’m glad you and Bonnie H. finally met face to face!

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    I keep telling you Judy… switch to Squarespace! It’s the best blogging service out there! The support is awesome too.

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    Carol says

    That’s a lot of spam! If the above suggestions don’t work then maybe make friends with a programmer who can write a little script for you to catch those spam?

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    I hate spammers, too. *sigh* I hope your problem is solved now….you have too much to do and don’t need to spend time dealing with THAT crap!!!