Finish #15

This is dad’s quilt all finished . . binding is done. It’s draped across a bed in the hotel where I finished the binding.  I figured it was easier getting a photo in the room than trying to get it on dad’s bed.  I’m betting this quilt never ever gets used!



  1. 3

    eve in ga says

    I really do love that quilt, Judy. Love the bold, geometric look of it. I hope your Dad does use it!!

  2. 4

    Diane says

    Wow, I really like that. I liked it when it was just a flat picture, but with it on the bed I really like it.
    I know this is early but, when you start producing honey let me know as I will need some. My favorite is Hummer & Sons from LA but it is very hard to get since they don’t sell it online. 🙂

  3. 5

    Judy in Michigan says

    That quilt is awesome. It is just perfect for a man – is it for a queen size bed? dimensions? No need to write me back – maybe just mention it in the next post. I really love it!! Good job! (as always) Hope you are enjoying some springtime – we finally have had some very nice sunny days!

  4. 8

    Jane says

    If Dad doesn’t use it I’ll send you my mailing address!!!! LOL I LOVE this one!!!!! 🙂

  5. 10

    Dorothy S says

    I think that quilt is great for a man, with the colors and bold shapes, he better use it!! Silly men!

  6. 13

    Linda says

    That turned out great…..very manly. Why won’t your Dad use the quilts you make for him? That’s what quilts are for, not to put away “for good.” Maybe it’s a generational thing……….

  7. 16

    Carol says

    Maybe you can get your dad to use his quilt if you show him that picture so he can see how great it looks on a bed.