Happy First Day of Spring

Finally, spring is here.  Winter is history.  It’s been a snowy, cold winter and even as much as I dislike the miserable heat and humidity of summer, I’m so thrilled to welcome spring and send Old Man Winter packing!

What are you doing this first day of spring?  Maybe we’ll work in our little garden spot!

But . . wait! What’s that white stuff?  Yep, you guessed it.

Even the chickens have barricaded themselves inside the coop.  Ruby, the official spokeswoman said . . We’re not coming out til Spring! I said . . but Ruby, honey!  Today is the first day of Spring.  She’s not buying it and neither am I.

It’s National Quilting Day so I’ll just park myself in the basement and sew all day!  The weatherman said we were getting 10″, then they said 5.  Last time I looked, they said 7.9″.  Why didn’t they just say 8″?  In fact, why do we have to have snow today at all?  🙂

The good news is that Monday the highs will be in the mid-40’s.  Tuesday in the mid-50’s and I hope by the end of the day on Tuesday, all snow will be gone, never to be seen again til maybe November!


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    You had me going for a minute. I thought, “Has she not listened to the weather.” But I see it has hit already. It’s suppose to make it here to Arkansas during the night sometime. I so hope they are wrong. I wanted 70’s everyday for spring break. You have the right idea for National Quilting Day. I’m on my way down to the sewing room right after my brunch/lunch/snack. Have a great day.

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    Oh I know just how you feel. Over here in Switzerland we had a tantalizing touch of spring last week – and boy were we happy (my son even wore shorts to school even though it was only in the low 50s) – and now the rain has set in and they are warning that more snow may be heading this way….maybe it will just never end. I think they call this global warming 🙂

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    I’m sorry you are getting that last-blast of snow. *sigh* I’m glad, though, that we aren’t going to get any of it…some rain by Monday, but this weekend nice (sunny….70’s). I’ll dig in MY garden on your behalf, okay? I am actually done in the garden for the day and will rest a bit and then do some sewing to honor National Quilting Day! Hubby said he’ll barbecue chicken on the grill for dinner…YUMMMM

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    Denise says

    Judy it looked similar here -but thankfully only an inch of snow. March is still a snowy month here but Mother Nature was cruel and gave us upper 50’s and 60 all week last week so this was a mean blow. LOL But I guess it could have been worse.

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    Oh Judy,
    I feel so bad for you though I know that spring will come much sooner for you than us. We are having a tease of sping this past week and today with temps. in the 60’s, and sunshine. It is just wonderful! I know it won’t last here in NE PA but it’s always fun to dream. Tomorrow we are to have showers then back to the 40’s which is hard after this but for March it’s normal!

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    I hope you don’t cry, but it is about 82 here today in sunny Northern California. You sure you don’t want to move out here? I don’t have chickens, but I could if I wanted to, and plenty of room for bees, but with the economy the way it is, I”m not sure how much land you could get and it would be a long commute for your poor hubby 🙂

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    Kathy Chiocca says

    It was BEAUTIFUL here in the Northwest today, sunny and close to 70 degrees. I was actually to get my first dozen brown eggs from my egg lady, she was OPEN today!
    Its not supposed to last, this good weather that is. Rain back in the forcast for tomorrow. But the sun was out long enough for me to do some spring pruning and for my husband to get in the first mowing of the season.
    Back to “Sewing in the Rain”. tomorrow.

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    pdudgeon says

    we had your nice sunny day today here, but i can’t wait until we get the rain that is headded here. I’ve got Spring allergies really bad, so i’m waiting for the relief from the rain.

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    Jane says

    Snowed here too but waited until yesterday……and I was at a quilting retreat with 11 of my guild members!!!!! 🙂 It was wonderful….now I’m not so thrilled…..as all I have is the snow to look at…..no yummy food, no great conversation….I could sew………:D