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We’ve waited for months and over the weekend, we saw this sign at the farm supply store:

Finally!  Baby chicks are here!

Baby ducks are here!

Rabbits are here!

If you need me, I’ll be down at the farm supply store for the next few months.  I just love it when they get the new animals in!  It’s so hard to keep from bringing home some of those baby chickens.  They’re so cute!  But, we have all the chickens we need and we don’t need ducks or rabbits so I’ll just look and I will not bring anything home with me.


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      It’s easy! My chickens are laying 8 or 9 eggs per day and I surely don’t need more eggs. I have no place for ducks and rabbits multiply like . . well, rabbits! I’m not going to eat them so there’s no need having a few, then a dozen, then 100 . . but they are fun to look at.

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    I wondered if you were going to get any more chicks. I’m not! I say right now. 😉 So far I’ve resisted the urge to even look at them.

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      Nope, I don’t need any more. With that mean chicken gone, my chickens are so happy. I’m not about to change anything with them right now. I have more eggs than I can use and my coop is only big enough for 10 chickens anyway.

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    Evelyn says

    Maybe you do need rabbits! My best friend when I was growing up – her Dad raised rabbits. I had many a yummy chicken pot pie with an “r” meal at her house – the dining room table over looked the rabbit hutches. One day I asked what the “r” ingredient was and they all almost fell off their chairs laughing! Cheers! Evelyn

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    D Seals says

    Thanks for bringing back a great memory. Mom and Dad would get us cute chicks and baby ducks for Easter. When they got too big or we got bored they went to live next door with my Great Uncle. He had a little farm with a pond. I don’t think I ever ate a store bought egg my entire childhood.

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    i’m so excited that mom and dad’s hens are laying again! i brought home 9 dozen eggs this weekend! Mom’s got bantys to the eggs are only 1/2 size so its really like bringing home 4 1/2 dozen. Good thing we have bake sale going on this week, cause she’ll have at least that many for me again at easter when i see her.