My Boy!

Having just one child, I know I missed out on so much.  With Chad’s girlfriend in the picture . . I know . . don’t count your chickens before they hatch . . but I like her!  And, did I tell you that she designed a quilt using EQ that I had forgotten was on Chad’s laptop because it was my laptop for about a month before Chad got it?  And she sent me a picture of it and wants me to teach her to quilt!  Told she she’s a keeper!  🙂  Anyway, with two of them in the picture, I get two different stories often.

They’re coming here this weekend.  Here’s part of a note I got from her mid-week:

Chad is really craving your cornbread and gumbo (with the real roux). If you don’t like making the real roux, you can just show me a recipe and I can make it for you.  I don’t mind at all!  Besides, Chad’s making it sound WAY harder than it really is…he thinks I don’t know how to make a proper roux, but I’ve made one before and it was good.

OK!  Maybe this is what you all warned me about.  Somebody is going to have big shoes to fill after all the cooking I’ve done for that boy.  And, notice he doesn’t like the roux in a jar!  He wants the “real roux”.

By the way, we don’t have cornbread and gumbo in the same meal but Chad loves my cornbread.

But the funny thing is, later that same day, Chad called and said “Mom, Jessi is coming this weekend and she wants you to teach her to make gumbo!”

So, Chad wants gumbo.  He wants real roux.  He doesn’t want to ask me to make gumbo with real roux but . . if I teach Jessi to make gumbo, he thinks I’ll probably make authentic gumbo with real roux.

Guess what we’re having for dinner on Saturday night!  Gumbo with “real roux”.  And Sunday we’ll have something that goes with cornbread!  🙂  I love that boy of mine!


  1. 1

    pdudgeon says

    LOL, however it winds up, at least she will know how to keep warm and well fed. enjoy your teaching weekend!

  2. 2


    Be sure to slip her a jar of roux, so she can be prepared at a moment’s notice. And Chad won’t even know unless she tells him!!

  3. 3


    That boy of yours is pretty funny! He misses his momma’s cooking.

    She designed a quilt and wants to learn to make it. Prayers for a very long lasting relationship. 😉 She’s a keeper. Have a great weekend.

  4. 4

    Jackie Hicks says

    Sounds like a match made in heaven – swants to learn to cook and quilt and will buy him duck calls! At least when she starts her fabric stash he won’t be suprised.

  5. 5


    I think Chad’s girlfriend sounds like a fairytale DIL… we’ll all keep our fingers crossed for you/them! Hehe

    I think that’s pretty darn sweet… her asking you to teach her to quilt and make Chad’s favorite recipes!

  6. 6

    Donna in KS says

    Been there, done that! times three. Still doin’ it, still lovin’ it! Except with the quilting, so far it’s the grandchildren wanting to learn…….I know, I know, you’re a ways from that!LOL I pray you will be as fortunate as we have been with our daughters-of-love!

  7. 8


    It looks like you have come out on the winning end with the girlfriend… sounds like she can already cook and wanting to make a quilt……you must be in “Mother-In-Law” heaven!!!

  8. 9


    I”m happy for you. My DIL can’t sew a button on and has no appreciation for hand made items — or quilts. If it doesn’t come from Macy’s or Nordstrom’s it isn’t good enough for her. My DS understands about handmade items – and quilts — he whispers in my ear, “Mom, I need a new quilt ’cause quilts are made with love and love keeps you warm.” I’m hoping DIL learns to appreciate….five years so far and nothing appreicated.

  9. 10

    Judy C in NC says

    I have a DIL like Julie – my quilts just don’t fit in her Better Homes and Garden home with eight pillows on every bed. Teach that girlfriend and hope for the best.

  10. 11


    Better yet, teach both of them ! In this day n age it takes 2 for the income, and will take 2 to keep the house operating, kitchen laundry, kids, cars ect !

  11. 12

    Karin says

    Oh Judy, I am so jealous!!! I have two boys (18 and 16) and I can’t wait for them to bring girls home and I PRAY that those girls want to sew!!! That would be a dream since I didn’t have a girl myself to teach! I can tell you for sure, when I have grandbaby girls, they are gonna learn to sew at gramma’s!

    Good luck, and aren’t ya gonna show us all the quilt she designed? HMMMM? hehe


  12. 13


    Now…I guess I should be embarrassed to admit this but I’ve never had gumbo OR real roux!!! I did decide, though, that if your Jessi…I mean CHAD’s Jessi (spelled the same way as our granddaughter’s name is spelled) has learned to use EQ, then I need to learn it, too. I have EQ5 in the house for a couple of years and never learned it. Maybe I’ll do that this summer???

  13. 14


    lol – I’ll bet if you start by asking her what her “real roux” was, it will probably be pretty close to yours. 🙂

  14. 16

    okperi says

    Do I detect a bit of scheming from yon son’s message? Bless his heart, he is going to figure out how to have his cake and eat it too. ROFLOL!!!