Pie . . Anyone?

Don’t you love finding buried treasure?  Maybe not!

During the winter, sometimes when the fridge is full, we’ll just stick stuff out in the garage.  Back when it was cold . .  yes, it was winter of 2010, I made an egg custard pie.  We ate a bit, we put the rest in the garage to stay cold.  I went out of town.  I forgot about the egg custard pie.  Obviously Vince and Chad forgot about it too.

Yesterday I was going to make a strawberry pie and couldn’t remember where I’d put my pie carrier.  Then I remembered I’d seen it on a shelf in the garage.  Then I remembered the egg custard pie.  Then I prayed . . please don’t let that pie still be inside this pie carrier!  Yep, it was in there.  I dumped it down the garbage disposal while holding my breath.

Pretty gross, huh?  You know you’ve found worse in the back of your fridge . . haven’t you?


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    Ida says

    We did that once w/ a turkey carcass and my roaster. Not a pretty sight. Dear Hubby, who was going through chemo at the time, cleaned it, because I couldn’t get near it w/out gagging …. and well, he couldn’t smell much because of the chemo. Poor guy. I still have nightmares about it.


  2. 3

    LisaS says

    That’s pretty gross! Thanks for making me feel like less of a somestic failure. : )

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    Oh, my…YES…have done this many times (not in the garage, but in the back of the fridge). It is nice to know that many of us have had this happen!!! I have to admit that sometimes…if the GROSS thing is living in a plastic container that isn’t a big-time favorite container of mine, I have actually thrown the container out along with the gross stuff inside….so I’d not have to smell it at all. LOL (Of course, I’d not do that with something like a pie plate or a really good container.)

  4. 7

    shirley says

    i have an uncle that would scrape off the green stuff and eat it. he will eat anything and won’t throw anything out.

  5. 8


    You know~~~the colors on that pie~~~if you get past the grossness of the mold~~~something to think about! You can call it Moldy Egg Custard Pie………HAHAHAHA I’m seeing some curved piecing in the future.

    Sorry, couldn’t help myself. I need to go clean out my fridge.

  6. 9

    CathiHarry says

    We put stuff in our garage in the winter also. Never had this happen tho. EEEWWWWWWW. LOL

  7. 10


    It’s quite colorful, isn’t it? Maybe inspiration for your next quilt? But yeah, I’ve had a few interesting UFO’s in the back of my fridge. I can only imagine the smell – ugh!

  8. 11


    Yuck!!! I’d have been real tempted to throw out dish and all. Is there any inspiration for a quilt in all those shades of mold??? Just wondering…

  9. 12

    Marilyn says

    That looks like inspriation for the next quilt. Those colors are so pretty. I’m a science teacher and find mold fascinating 🙂 And finding mold is much better than going out to the freezer to put away a bunch of meat and finding that the power went out in the garage last week and everything has gone rancid. Now that is a horrible smell. Having to dump hundreds of dollars worth of meat while holding your nose makes you want to … and there is NO inspiration for a quilt anywhere to be found

  10. 13

    Anita A says

    Hey, this is how they discovered peniciline, which basically is just another fungal infection on old (and perhaps) forgotten food products.

  11. 14

    okperi says

    You have to cook before you can put stuff in refrig. None of that going on around here lately. Now the freezer, that’s another story

  12. 16


    that’s pretty gross! we used to live in the St Louis area and my mother would make soup using everything! from the fridge,,, meat and vegetable soup.
    Well, after cooking for awhile, she would put the pot of hot soup in the cold garage to let the grease/fat come to the top so she could scrape it off before cooking some more..

    I can’t stand homemade meat/vegetable soup – too many memories of that

    so, Judy, when is the next custard pie?
    Beth in Dallas

  13. 17


    With all the things you make and do, my first thought was.
    “Why didn’t she make penicillin out of that?”
    You mean you wasted all that mold by trashing it?

  14. 18

    Lavina says

    I left a bag of potatoes in the camper one winter – inside a cast iron pot. When I cleaned out the camper in the spring the stench was pretty bad…they had completely liquified and oh man….whewww… so we’ve all been there and love to hear that we’re not alone.

  15. 19

    Ronda K Beyer says

    LMAO… I love that Buried Treasures in the refrigerator, can I borrow that line… Good thing I wasn’t drinking anything when I read this