Real Gumbo with Real Roux

Jessi made her first gumbo!  I dumped in some oil and some flour.  She stirred.  I added some more flour.  She stirred.  I added some more oil.  She stirred.  She said . . I think I know the consistency you’re wanting. I think she meant . . leave me alone . . I can do it without your help! So, I chopped onions, chopped pepper, took the dog for a walk, put more clothes in the dryer, came back and the gumbo was done.  Really, she asked me a couple of times if it was browning too fast or if it was brown enough.  I think she’d been reading about making gumbo because she knew exactly what to do.

When she told Chad she had made it and it was easy, he said “I told you it was easy!”  Men!!


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    Amy says

    Was that supposed to be a recipe?
    Some oil, some flower, some chopped onion & some chopped pepper? (Besides I thought that you used crisco as the fat?)

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      No, she didn’t need a recipe. She just needed a bit of guidance. She cooks often and knew how to make a roux for a gravy but just wasn’t sure how much roux to make for a gumbo and how dark to make it. I don’t use a recipe — just eyeball it.

      Roux can be made with any oil — butter, Crisco, vegetable oil, bacon grease.

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    Cynthia H., El Cerrito, CA says

    “Easy” right up until he has to do it for himself. Yeah, “easy.” Agreed: Men!!! 😆

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    I don’t know if it is easy or not — I’ve never had gumbo. But, I’m so happy for you and Chad that Jessi wants to learn to cook the things he likes! She looks like such a pleasant young lady!

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    She does seem like a really nice girl. And…of course men think everything is easy….even the things you ask them to do that they take FOREVER to do for you. (And I always say, if it’s so easy, why is it taking you so long to DO it for me?)

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    LadyBaltimore says

    Judy, how do you like that flat burner top on your stove?
    I have gas burners right now and love them but might be looking at the flat top variety eventually?
    What do you think?
    Appreciate your opinion.
    And, mmmm, gumbo!
    Hugs, LadyBaltimore

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      LadyB, I do NOT like the glasstop. I think it’s wonderful for people who don’t cook a lot but they recommend not using iron skillets on the glasstop (I do) and it’s worthless for canning. My preference is gas, next would be the regular old coiled electric burners and for pretty — the glasstop is the best! 🙁

      There are many who love their glasstops though and if I didn’t can and cook as much as I do, I’d have a different opinion of it too. I don’t have any complaints about the stove doing what it’s supposed to do . . I just want more from my stove than it can give.

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    Deb Myers says

    Is this child left-handed?!! Or, just happening to use her left hand at this particular moment? I have a “thing” for lefties…my husband is one. I think they are very special people~ in a good way! I also firmly believe that “they” think very differently from right-handed people; quirky, out-of-the-box, actually, rather brilliant!! Certainly nothing scientific going on here~ not based on any data. Nothing that formal…just a hunch, observation, conclusion on my part! Take it for what it’s worth~ not much, that’s for sure!!! Enjoy that sweet young-lady! How precious is she?

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    okperi says

    I agree with Deb about the lefties. They seem to be smarter than your average Joe, and think a lot more out of the box, so to speak. And I am so glad Chad’s girl seems to be the sort he needs. Life is good!

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    Cathy Stoddard says

    Very sweet and cute girl! And she wants to quilt???!!!
    What a keeper – for sure!
    Glad you had a great day with Chad & his sweetie.

  9. 13


    Pardon my ignorance, coming from the other side of the world, I’ve never had Gumbo. Can you please tell me more about it. It is great that Jessi is keen to learn from you.