Spring Treats

Yum!  The dandelions have bloomed.  That doesn’t make the gardener in the family happy but that’s not a problem at our house because . . no one is a gardener!  🙂

The chickens on the other hand . . they’re so thrilled when the dandelions begin blooming!  They love them!  Especially when we pick bowls full and deliver them to the chickens.

There’s one left, Ruby!  Grab it before someone else sees it!

So, all you gardeners out there, when you see the dandelions pop up in  your yard, and you want to scream, just remember there are chickens somewhere would would be thrilled to have your dandelions.


  1. 1

    Chris says

    Gee, around here we are gearing up for the Dandelion Festival. Dandelion wine, sauted greens…yum.

  2. 2


    OK, send over the chickens! I’ve got weeds, wild flowers, and I’m more than happy to share them with your “kids”.

  3. 3


    There is nothing more special to me than a bouquet of pretty yellow flowers delivered by a cute little boy. I love dandelions!

  4. 4

    Diane says


    I wanted to let you know the April-May issue of Mother Earth News Magazine had a great article on chickens, what kind to get regarding egg laying, tempermant, etc.
    I thought of you when I read it!

  5. 6


    I wish the dadelions would poke through the ground in MN. Perhaps after this week they will as the weather pros are predicting unseasonably warm weather (70s).