Design Wall Monday – March 29, 2010

Another Monday of nothing to show.  My design wall is full but it’s all something not ready for public viewing.  Next week I’ll have something up I promise.  I didn’t say that last week, did I?  Hope not but I ran into a little problem and had to start over with the project I’m working on.

Anyway, please show us what’s on your design wall.  We need inspiration!  🙂


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    diane says

    Hi Judy, looking forward to you next project and followed with interest your quest to simplify…good luck.

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    My design wall this week is actually two friends holding up my latest effort. I started a large quilt, and everything seemed to go wrong, so left it for ages, and then just cut it in half, added bits to the middle and sides and used the quilt-as-you-go method to join it together, couldn’t affort to have it long arm quilted, and in any case I have not decided on the top and bottom panels yet… watch this space!

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    You tease! I also have more things that I CAN’T share yet than those that I can. As I was playing yesterday afternoon with some blocks for a pieced border idea I have, I remember thinking that at least I’ll have something to post for your Design Wall Monday event 😉

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    My design wall is a little bleak today too. Allergy time here in Washington… AHHH CHOO! I had a busy week going to a quilt show. There’s where you can get “inspiration” too. Next show is April 30- May 1st, so my wall will be changing but I won’t be showing my “challenge” quilt until after the show, I hate when that happens. You want to show it off but have to wait. We are learning “patience”, right?

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    I have decided that I am ruled by Blogland. Every week I strive to have something working on the design wall and every month I try to have something(s) completed {OPAM}. This must be a throwback to when I had deadlines at work and I guess I need them. Thanks

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    This is a class taught by a quild member friend that I have been lusting after for a long time. It is called Patch No Work and Beth helped me pick out fabrics.

    She is much better at it than I am……….I would have been WAY more traditional!

    But I dearly love this one!


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    Cynthia H., El Cerrito, CA says

    “not ready for public viewing”? Oooooh; is it going to be “publicly viewed” in…a BOOK? please please please? 😉 No pressure, but…is there a pub date yet?

    I know; maybe I should go back and get Book One first and work my way through it! 😆

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    For once I am posting and not just lurking! It’s great to have the opportunity to get back into the blogging fray with DWM. Another great service you provide!

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    My design wall looks the same as last week too but I did get two donation tops quilted today and it felt good to be back at work.