American Quilter

Any time I have an article in a magazine, I’m torn about whether I should mention it here.  It’s kinda like tooting my own horn and I sometimes feel bad about doing that but . . you’ll notice it isn’t stopping me! 🙂

In the current issue of American Quilter, I have a pattern.  I’m not going to tell you about it . . other than to say it has a neat pieced border!  🙂

Like the quilt I posted earlier today, I started the quilt and when I showed the EQ drawing of the quilt to Vicky, immediately she remembered the perfect strawberry fabric in her stash and she wanted to make the quilt.  I gave her little more than a “cheat sheet” and she made the quilt, and sent it to me to quilt. I quilted it and sent it back to Vicky.  Then I talked her into entering it in the Nashville AQS Expo maybe in 2005 or 2006 . . can’t remember.  So, she sent it back to me.  After the show, I think it was sent straight back to Vicky.  Then when we decided to submit it to American Quilter, Vicky had to send it back to me again so I could get it to Paducah to be photographed.  This quilt was a Christmas gift for Vicky’s niece and she finally got it, but about 3 years late!

Thanks Vicky for allowing me to use your quilt.  And you know what?  The top I started way back before I ever showed this design to Vicky . . the blocks aren’t even finished!  One day I will finish it . . some day!


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    oh! I’m going to have to buy the magazine 🙂 My membership ran out and I’m waiting until I go to Paducah to renew (they usually have nice incentives to renew).

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    Barb says

    You deserve to toot your own horn. It is a great accomplishment to be published in a magazine. Keep up the good work. I will buy this magazine. Thanks for sharing.

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    you should NEVER be ashamed of your accomplishments – so good for you Judy!!! i bet it’s another GORGEOUS quilt. congrats to you and Vicky!

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    I received mine yesterday and was so pleased that your quilt was in it! It’s lovely! I think you’ll soon be known as the “border lady” because of your creative borders. They make the quilt!

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    Toot away, Judy, that way we know which magazine to buy at the Store.
    I already think of you as the “border” lady. Funny that you still have the UFO from it.

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    Okay I’ll have to see if I can get this magazine at Hastings! Go right ahead and toot your horn, you’ve earned it!

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    Wow Judy, very impressive quilt. I got my magazine yesterday but did not open it until just now. I love the border.

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    eve in ga says

    I got mine Tuesday. I was looking at everything from front to back, and when I turned the page, I exclaimed to Don “OH! There’s Vicky’s quilt that Judy designed!!” LOL!! I remember all the “back and forth” travelling it did, and I’m glad to hear that her niece finally got it. (Bet the niece was, too!) It’s a great quilt and a great design!! Eve

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    The magazine came in the mail yesterday and I saw your article. As usual, your directions are so good. The quilt looks complicated, but after reading the directions I realize that I could actually make that quilt! Don’t be embarrassed to toot your own horn – you have positively earned the right.

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    Judy, as soon as I saw the quilt I immediately thought it was yours. It was the alternate blocks that gave it away for me even before I noticed the borders 🙂

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    Sandy says

    You should be proud to tell us about your accomplishments and don’t think of it as tooting your horn. How are we to know which magazine to buy? I am so glad you told us. Hope hubby doesn’t mind going shopping tonight. I can’t wait!

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    Teajuana says

    Judy that is a beautiful quilt! I’m trying to figure out why yours isn’t done. After I get some things off my list I plan to make one. I appreciate you letting us know. I hadn’t gotten around to opening my magazine but your e-mail made me run to get it. Toot, toot!

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    Go ahead and toot, loudly!! That lets me know where to look for your articles, just in case I missed them.

    And I zipped right past that page after looking at the pattern and never looked to see that it was YOUR design! I love that vining border… really neat!


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    Denise says

    Congrats Judy and Vicky – it’s a great looking quilt. The strawberry fabric is perfect for it and the border is stunning.

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    Cynthia H., El Cerrito, CA says

    Arrgh! The usual torture: the magazine hasn’t arrived in my mail yet! Other people got it “Tuesday,” or “yesterday,” etc. Today is Thursday. The mail arrived about–what?–10:30 this morning.

    No AQS magazine.

    Maybe tomorrow. Or Saturday. Or Monday (at least we *have* delivery on Easter Monday here in the States…). Or…

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    Cynthia is not the only one with annoyingly slow mail delivery….I’ve not gotten my copy of the magazine yet, either. *sigh*

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    Mary Beth says

    Judy, I did see your pattern in the magazine…. I pointed at it, showing it to Rod. He looked at me and said, “Is this suppose to mean something to me?” You should have seen my shocked face….I said, “Well, yes!!! This is my friend Judy in Neveda.”

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    marge davies says

    Judy, Toot your horn! You have earned the right. I just want to Thank You for all you do. I follow your blog for family cooking, quilting and chickens but most of all I follow it because I like you and your writing style. Keep up the good work and remember that we all love your blog and it’s you that keeps us coming back.
    Thanks Again

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    I can’t wait to see the article. Judy, your directions were perfect, as usual, and the quilt went together like a breeze! Thanks for letting me beg the pattern off of you! Oh, yeah, don’t forget that Lisa had to wait a tad bit longer as it was juried into Road to California also. That quilt sure did do some traveling!

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    Kerri says

    Never feel bad! It is so neat to hear your are recognized in the big quilting community. Since I don’t have any subscriptions I wouldn’t have known.

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    Donna says

    Judy, Judy, Judy… I WANT to know when you’re published in a magazine, so I can BUY it and READ it.

    Ok, I’m glad to get that off my chest. lol 🙂

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    YAY…mine finally arrived yesterday…later than most got theirs, but…then, again, I only got my census form in the mail on April 1 while others had gotten theirs a few weeks back. Gotta love the mail service here. *sigh*

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    Eileen Keane says

    I saw the quilt and the first thing I did was count the borders! lol
    You can toot your horn any time you want; we all like telling people that we “know” you.
    Your work’s been an inspiration for me for many years now. I first saw one of your quilts at an early MQX at Lake Winnipasaukee (sp?).