Pinwheel Garden Quilted

You might think that since I have a longarm, my own tops would all be quilted.  Not so!  This quilt, Pinwheel Garden, was made for my first book, Nine Patch Extravaganza.  My friend, Vicky, also made a quilt from this pattern, and her quilt was used in the book so my top never got quilted.  How long has this top been waiting to be quilted?  Maybe 4 years!  Worse, I loaded this quilt on the longarm at the end of January and have just now finished it.  Does this blow everything you thought would happen if you had your own longarm?  I’m going to do better.

Here’s Pinwheel Garden, quilted with the Baptist Fans template by Circle Lord.  I used Warm & Natural batting, which is heavier than I prefer, but it was the first one I came to in the batting closet so . . it got used.  That’s how things go around here these days.

Back when I made this top, I wasn’t making my binding when I finished the top and I have the same red outer border fabric still in my stash so I can use that for the binding.  How lucky is that?  I hope to get the binding made and done and finished by machine today.  But . . Vince is off work so there maybe no sewing time.  🙁


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    My DH is named Vince also and I see a lot of similarities between the two. Mine has a thing for black jeans and wears them till I steal them for quilts. I get almost no sew time when he’s home because he just wants to spend all the time with me. Do you suppose all Vinces are like minded?

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    I have to laugh when you tell us how long your own tops sometimes wait to be quilted…it’s kind of like the old saying…..”The shoemaker’s kids don’t have shoes”. I guess everyone else comes first no matter what business you are in….even quilting!!! The top is very nice and you ARE lucky that you still have the red for the binding….so you don’t have to worry about getting a good match.

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    I like the movement that this quilt gives. If I lived closer to you I’d trade binding for quilting. I love to sew binding on by machine then turn and hand stitch them down.

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    I’d be more than happy to bind your quilts! I love handwork – send out a quilt anytime and I’ll do it for you. Just sew the binding on and miter the corners – I’ll finish it!