Kahlua Heath Bar Dessert

This is so easy — no fail!  And, anytime I’ve made it, I’ve always gotten rave reviews.  I’m not a big chocolate fan and I love this dessert.


1 box Duncan Hines Swiss Chocolate or Dark Chocolate Fudge cake mix – make cake according to package directions
2 small boxes instant chocolate pudding mix
3 cups milk
1/2 cup Kahlua
16 oz. Cool Whip
4 Heath or Skor chocolate/toffee bars


1.  Mix pudding with the milk.
2.  Crumble half the cake into a large glass or trifle bowl.
3.  Pour 1/4 cup Kahlua over cake.
4.  Spread half the pudding over the cake.
5.  Spread half the Cool Whip over the cake.
6.  Crush the candy bars.  I do this by putting them in a zipper type bag, putting it between 2 dish towels and beating it with a meat pounder.
7.  Sprinkle about 1/4 of the crushed candy over the Cool Whip.
8.  Repeat the whole process, but add all the remaining crushed candy on top.
9.  Chill and serve!

Here’s a view from the side so you can see all the yummy goodness!


  1. 1

    Evelyn says

    I’m so happy that you are posting recipes over here again – it is always fun to see what you are cooking. Eating is such a big part of life, I always try to cook food that we enjoy eating!

  2. 3


    We call this “death by chocolate” and when I make it for the family, I skip the Kahlua and add in gummy worms!

  3. 5

    Rose says

    Is there a non-alcoholic Kahlua or substitute so this could be served to kids? Or maybe could just leave the Kahlua out. Sounds like a great adult dessert tho with the Kahlua, yum.

  4. 6


    My brain interpreted the post title as: “kahlua HEALTH bar”

    Wait…. whut?? In my dreams !!?!

    LOL, thanks for the morning chuckle! I’m off for more coffee (sans Kahlua)

  5. 8

    Penny Bubar says

    Hi Judy,

    Thot you would like to know that Martha Stewart’s show today is a whole hour dedicated to chickens. Absolutely fascinating!!

  6. 10


    This looks great! I’m making it for my DIL when she comes to visit. She loves Kahlua and fancy desserts! Thanks for sharing this, Judy.

  7. 11


    I love Kahlua and make a Kahlua pie but haven’t for a long time. Mmmmmm now you’ve made me hungry for it.

  8. 14

    Robin says

    Copied into my recipe file and waiting to get the ingredients!!! 🙂 Can’t go wrong with chocolate- after all it is a major food group!!