Placemats & Napkins

Last week Vicki posted pictures on her blog of placemats and napkins she had made.  They looked so nice and I always need placemats.  Don’t tell anyone but most of the time, I had plastic placemats from Wal-Mart in the breakfast room.  They’re ugly and cheap looking but hey, they wipe clean real easily.  But now, I have nice placemats, made from fabric that matches my breakfast room!

Here’s Vicki’s tutorial on how to make her placemats and napkins.  They’re pretty quick to make and they look really nice!  They’d make great gifts too — they look that nice!  I made six placemats and 12 napkins.

The only thing I did differently was I cut the corners of the placemats like Vicki shows to do the corners of the napkins and I put down a very thin line of washable glue, then folded the edges over, pressed and didn’t have to pin in order to get those edges turned under very neatly.

Thankfully I had double needles from when I made lots of pin tucks — 20+ years ago.  How’s that for a good reason to never throw away anything?

This is a great way to use the stash too!  Thanks Vicki for a great pattern.  I’ll be making more of these.

And, while you’re at Three Creative Studios, check out the other great info, patterns and tutorials there!


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    Cindy Burgdorf says

    Thank you for sharing the placemats and the pattern. I think that I am going to start NOW on some Christmas gifts!