Stop the Noise!

While Vince was out working in the garden with the noisy tiller, the chickens were not happy!  As soon as Vince started the tiller, all the chickens ran into the coop and would not come out.

I went to try to coax them into coming outside but Ruby said . . Are you kidding?  With all that noise out there?  No way!

And they kept on and kept on . . squawking and complaining!  Look at this one with her mouth open . . she’s singing a sad tale!

Then Lucille came over and had to put in her 2¢.  I’ve never heard so much complaining from 9 chickens in all my life!  I’ll bet when I’m feeding them fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, bean shells, squash blossoms, etc., they won’t be complaining.


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    I bet I know what they were saying, too: “BAGAAAACK! BUK-BUK-BUK-BAGAAAAACKH!” Right?

    My hens were doing that for no apparent reason one day and a visitor asked me what it meant. Rather than the true answer, which is, “I don’t speak chicken,” I said it means one of the following:

    1. There’s a cat in the yard.
    2. There’s a leaf in the yard that looks like a cat.
    3. That hen over there said she saw a cat and we are helping her tell everybody.
    4. One of us just remembered that once there was a cat in the yard and it was scary.
    5. The yard just looks like the sort of a place where a cat might be.

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      Cindy B says

      I will have to remember this!!

      My chickens come right up to the run fence when my 95 pound Standard poodle comes around. He wags his tail (See – they LIKE me!!!). Since he has NEVER fed them, I don’t know WHY they get so excited when he comes around!

      They even tolerate my highly prey driven (20 pound) Minature Schnauzer (who no longer barks at them). They didn’t even seem to mind when he barked at them.

      However, let my 11 pound 15 year old orange cat wander out to the “way back” and the chickens go on high alert!! They group together, stretch their necks and start making worried sounds.

      My nine chickens have NEVER been outside of their coop and run (too many predators – my dogs, hawks, raccoons, etc). Why would they decide that CATS are the enemy?? OK silly question!! They are CHICKENS!!!

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    You get the best close-up photos of your chickens! I guess some of them are getting accustomed to posing for you. I can’t blame them about the noise….can you?

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    When we had chickens as children, I remeber those babies being pretty noisy themselves!! Your chickens look so healthy and shiney and happy!

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    Once your plants are established, they may enjoy strolling through the garden to help you control pests. They might provide some fertilizer too, but it would be best to let that stuff rest a year or so before mixing it in with the soil. Enjoy your garden Judy. I may plant one when I get home from MQX. My back is feeling better and it’s been a long while since I’ve had the joy of digging in the dirt.

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    Carol says

    Too funny! I noticed their combs are shaped differently. Is this how you tell them apart along with difference in color?