A Sandwich, Not a Quilt Block

For days I’d been cutting pieces for a quilt.  This particular day I was cutting my squares.  Here’s the instructions for the part I’d been doing:

For lunch we had tuna and bean sprout sandwiches.  I cut my sandwich and Vince said “That’s a funny way you cut that sandwich!”

Yep, that’s a funny way to cut a sandwich but it sure would fit into my quilt block nicely!


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      Audrey says

      I cut all of my sandwiches like this. It adds a bit of interest with it being on a bit of a slant

  1. 2

    Pam says

    Judy, I fear that “they will be coming to take you away”. I hope they let you take your computer with you. hahahahahaha

  2. 4

    eve in ga says

    LOL! I don’t see anything wrong w/ how you cut your sandwish–looks perfectly rational to me. But thanks for the chuckle this morning! Eve

  3. 6


    Long ago our then 4 year old heard of the Bermuda Triangle, and started asking for her sandwiches to be cut into Bermuda Triangles. That name has stuck for evermore…by the way, at our house, a Bermuda Triangle is cut on both diagnonals for four triangle sandwiches.