Part of a Trunk Show

For those of you who may never get to attend my lecture/trunk show, wipe away those tears, stop sobbing and go to Jennifer’s blog.  🙂  Here she has some pictures and a bit of a summary of my trunk show at her guild.  Yes, she’s right!  I embarrassed myself when the Saints background popped up for the whole Indianapolis group to see.  But, that wasn’t the only time I embarrassed myself.  The ladies were holding up one of my quilts while I was on the little podium.  I leaned over to show them where one block ends and I kept poking it to get it to lay flat and the girl put the  quilt down and looked at me and oops . . I realized it wasn’t laying flat because it was laying against her chest and I was poking her boob!  I was so embarrassed but she was a good sport and we laughed about it.  There were men in the meeting and I couldn’t even look at them after that.  It was not a boring trunk show!


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    Mary Beth says

    That gives a quilt with a “D Cup” a whole new meaning 🙂 You are too funny!!

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    Just how big is this TRUNK… must be massive to hold all these wonderful quilts.. when are you coming on your world tour and visiting England so we can all see your show?

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    pdudgeon says

    so where have you been hiding that lovely black quilt? (third one pictured). We haven’t seen that one before!

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    You are too much!!! And I LOVE it!!! I really love that leaf quilt that is pictured from your trunk show. I like the others a lot, too, but today that one really caught my eye.

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    The pictures from your trunk show are wonderful – I’ve always wanted to make a quilt with the leaves! It was wonderful that you and Vince could go together when you were teaching. I think the quilts made with black block backgrounds are wonderful — I hope to do one someday, but my Wrigley is a long haired dog. So much dog hair, so little time! Thanks for sharing this with us.

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    Hi Judy,

    I cannot remember seeing Quilt #1 featured in the trunk show. I love that. Is there a a pattern out or another reference to it somewhere? I am so sure everyone enjoyed your presentation and your trunk show. I enjoyed the photos.

    Best wishes

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    Marcia says

    Enjoyed your Trunk Show in Indy. You couldn’t have picked a better person to “poke” She has one wonderful sense of humor and is always goofing off.

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    Carol says

    Judy – we all enjoyed you so much. You certainly kept us entertained! Hope to see you again in Paducah or Houston.

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    Annette says

    Your trunk show was my first guild meeting…it was great! I also took your Saturday workshop. You are so much fun to be around and a very patient and encouraging teacher. Keep up the good work!