The Real Garden

This is going to be the real garden.  So good to see Vince in his normal attire (green shirt)!  That husband of mine worked so hard this past weekend.

Jerry’s probably wondering if he’s ever going to see his tiller again.  The whole spot is tilled up and ready.

All we need now is a deer proof fence  . . which is easier said than done.  Vince has a plan though.

This fence also will involve rebar poles, then putting 10′ PVC pipe over those and then . . well, that’s all I can remember.  Let’s just hope whatever it is, it keeps the deer out.  I am so ready to plant something.


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    pdudgeon says

    so what’s going in the main garden?
    lots of corn, pole beans, mellons, etc?

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    Diann Smith says

    My mother used to get hair from the beauty shop and put it around her garden to keep the deer out. It worked. She hated the deer for wanting to eat her garden but I thought they were so beautiful and didn’t mind sharing.

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      The hair trick hasn’t worked for us so far. We’ve tried everything and anything that was suggested.

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    I’ve never had good luck with corn. The ants seem to get more of it than I do but I’ll have lots of tomatoes. I canned close to 200 quarts last year and will hopefully do the same this year but using my own tomatoes. Lots of varieties of peppers, eggplant, squash, potatoes, beans and peas, okra, beets . . that’s all I can think of now but I hope to get lots of veggies.

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    Speaking of hair, I have a dog in the house who sheds a lot (and actually, I shed a lot too!) and so I dump my vacuum container container into the mulch rings around our orchard… and that works extremely well to help keep the deer away.

    Judy you’re not going to have anytime to quilt with all that gardening, you’ll be spending all your time canning this summer!

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    When I land in my new home, will you rent Vince out? My husband leaves all that work to me if I want a garden.


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    vlynn says

    We have lots of deer food on our farm. The plant nurseries call this food Hostas. We literally have hundreds of huge Hostas and they are gorgeous but the deer love them. We had tried all the usual deer repellants such as hair, soap, kitty litter, etc. Two years ago we discovered a product called Deer Scram. Fantastic product. We bought it at Lowes. It comes in a granule form and typically we use only one application. So far, no more eaten Hostas.

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    Oh Judy, I’m so happy for you. You are going to look so gorgeous with dirt smudged on your face and buried under your fingernails. 😉 That Vince, he is a keeper for sure!!!

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    Judi says

    The fence Vince is putting up is a great idea. I told my dh how was doing it and agreed, I know Marc would never thought about the rebar and pvc. Have fun in your garden I know you’ll love all the fresh veggies.

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    Hmmm – when we lived on 20 acres – I had a garden – my fence was well over 8 feet high – and included fish netting at the top … deer still managed to get in … until we did a double fence – with about 3 feet of dead space in between – they could jump the height, but couldn’t make it over the width. We still have the funniest story before the double fence, when a mama deer and her baby got into the garden – we came home – mama deer jumped out, but baby didn’t have enough running room to get up to speed. DH thought he’d just go in and catch it LOL. Too bad we didn’t have the video camera handy ! Our deer loved okra so much, they usually left the rest of the garden alone … and since dh is the only one that likes okra – we didn’t mind sharing !

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    Mary Beth says

    Your garden looks great!! We can’t get into ours yet because it is way too wet. This year we raise the beds!! No more soggy roots. Our yard is wet all year long, we hardly water.

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    Those engineer types always have a plan ready don’t they? Sure hope it works, deer can be as persistent as coons going after the sweet corn. Here in Nebr. the deer are such a problem that farmers can get depredation permits to shoot 10 deer.