Those Green Shirts

So it’s almost the middle of April.  And last week it was in the 80’s but this week, it’s turned cold!  Real cold.  Vince went out of town with me.  We knew it was going to be chilly but . . 35° and feel like 25° — we weren’t expecting that.  Vince didn’t bring a jacket and it would be one thing to run in from the car to the hotel but we have Speck with us and he has lots of new area out there that he has to sniff.  Vince had to go shopping!  Poor Vince! 🙂

First stop was Target.   I stayed in the car.  No jackets in Target.  But, they did have green T-shirts.

And they were on clearance.

$1.98 each!  He got 5 . . all they had in his size.  Five shirts for $10.  That man can find a bargain but why does it always have to involve green shirts?  Do they never put other colored T-shirts on clearance?  Maybe not!

Third stop and he found a sweatshirt.  Two to be exact.  Why buy one when you can buy two?


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    Gail says

    I want to know if the sweatshirts were green too…hey, it is my favourite colour…what’s the prob?…

  2. 3

    Cindy says

    Who took care of the “girls” while you were out of town?

    I’m partial to green, its one of my favorite colors! Go Vince!!

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      A friend is taking good care of the chickens for us. Talked to him this morning and they’re all doing fine.

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    Hey Judy, at least it’s a different green! I guess he really is just a green T shirt guy! And what a bargain – amazing – if I found one for that total over here in Switzerland I would faint with shock. And I guess they have no holes……

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    Well….I told you, we need to ask Vince why he likes to go shopping (since he wanted to know why you like to quilt). As for the green, I have SO much green in my stash, so I can’t say anything about green, I guess. He really did get some good buys! I, too, want to know who watched the chickens with you and Vince both out of town.

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    Linda says

    If my DH found T-shirts for $1.98 ea. he’d by all the ones in his size too. And he wouldn’t care what color they were, except white, he claims the fish don’t like white & won’t bite if you wear white. LOL He also doesn’t see any point in paying more than $10 for a pair of jeans.

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    Deb says

    So, when he buys NEW ones, does he get to throw away the “holey” ones? My husband must do this with his socks and underwear….Is there a green t-shirt quilt coming in your future? It would make a good joke at christmas for years to come…
    Does he have a John Deer lawn Mower? They match nicely….Do you ever wonder who bought up all those other ones in the OTHER sizes?? I dont see that many people running around in green t-shirts….do you?

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    If I found t shirts for $1.98, I’d buy all of them too. Even the green ones and the orange ones! This made me laugh!! Thanks.
    Hope you are having a good time. 🙂

  8. 11


    LOL! I am laughing so hard! Gotta love a man who can find a bargain!

    glen/ QuiltSwissy: who understands dogs and hotels and lots of time out side at 3 AM just because…….

  9. 12


    Judy, you need to shop more…..its always the ugly stuff that is on clearance…….you can also compare that to fabric, you hardly ever find the great colors and prints on the half off rack.

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    Carol says

    Since it’s a Guinness t-shirt, maybe it only came in green. Put one away and he’ll have a fresh one to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day next year. Besides, green is one of nature’s favorite colors! Spring is here and I love to look at the different shades of green. But I’m not a lover of green t-shirts – there’s just something wrong with the combination.

  11. 15


    I am impressed that it is a different shade of green at least! And Guiness to boot – that would go over well in my house! Hope the rest of your visit went well and your travels home are safe and uneventful. It was great to meet you, Vince, and Speck!

  12. 17


    Do those say Guiness? DS would have been thrilled if I had found those on clearanc because I would have bought him ONE.