Design Wall Monday – April 12, 2010

How many Design Wall Mondays can I show up with no design wall to show?  This is the last one for a while.  Was out of town most of last week and didn’t get any sewing done at all.  Got some knitting done . . does that count?  I thought not!

Share what’s on your design wall please.  I’ll read all your posts and feel terribly ashamed that I have nothing to share.


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    I missed a week last week and didn’t post a link for Design Wall. I stayed up so I could be first this week! I was grounded most of the week so I got 11 of 12 blocks done to show this week of the BOM for our Guild mtg that is this Tuesday. The quilt is called “American Beauty”.

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    Teajuana says

    Judy, you are our inspiration. The number of things you do in a week are amazing.

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    My toddler is interfering with my quilting time right now. No naps, staying up late. Needing all my attention! Anyway, I think I’m going to have to rein in all my creative quilt desires. Or teach him how to help me!! Judy your blog is a daily inspiration – design on the wall or not.

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    I really look forward to Mondays. Partly because I love showing off what I am doing but also because I know that there are over 40 others who have scrambled to get something done and on that wall, too. When one is either retired, like me, or not working outside the home, there are fewer deadlines imposed on her. Thus the need for something like Design Wall Monday to motivate movement. Love it!

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    I wish I could go faster on my quilt… but can’t do more than 1 block a week! I will be surprised if I get even one done this week! I’get’ to work an election tomorrow. 13 hours sitting but I might be able to get some labels embroidered.

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    Ray says

    I bet that there are a lot of knitting quilters out there, and we’d love to see your knitting progress.

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    So…this is the first time I’ve added to your Design Wall Monday. Probably because I usually don’t have much of anything to show. Or I have the same thing for weeks. You do inspire me Judy so I’m going to try to share my wall a bit more often.
    LOVE your latest book.

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    busy, busy, busy…but I’m trying to sneak in quilting time and this week I have to quilt to meet a deadline! I’m loving the design wall Mondays as I cam inspired every week

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    I’d enjoy seeing your knitting too! I am happy to have one of your patterns to show on my design wall! Thanks for the great workshop.

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    Oh Judy…never feel ashamed that your design wall is empty….you have finished too many quilts too quickly and that’s why it’s empty! Be slower like the rest of us 🙂

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    I missed posting updates for 3 weeks!! My husband was away on a trip for some of the time and he’d taken the small camera with him. I managed to get some sewing done during that time but couldn’t dig out the ‘big’ camera and take photos. I hope to stay on track now .. 🙂

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    Getting the hang of the DWM idea! It is now inspiring me to get that quilt off the wall over the weekend and put it on the machine! LOL…as I tried to do so this weekend! Love the work you do Judy! I want to purchase the EQ6 now.