The Home Team

Louisiana residents and former residents were so proud when the Saints won the Superbowl in 2010.  While in Louisiana, almost every car I saw had some kind of Saints bumper sticker.  Before the Superbowl, my niece’s father-in-law sent me several Saints screensavers and desktop backgrounds.

Last week I was teaching in Indianapolis.  Part of my lecture included a Powerpoint presentation.  The Indy Guild meets in a very nice church with very nice facilities, including two large screens so the entire group can see everything . . everything! As I was getting set up and making sure all the connections were connecting, thankfully early enough that just a few people were there, as my computer booted up, this is what we all saw!

My Saints background!  I saw their faces and, not being a big sports fan, I asked “Hmmm, excuse me, but, who did the Saints play in the Superbowl?”  The colts! Are they from Indiana? Yes! Indianapolis!

I really felt bad!  It’s one thing to have been rooting for the Saints but it’s another thing to be asked to speak in Indianapolis and show up with my Saints background on the computer.  It was pretty obvious I’m not a big football fan so I don’t think anyone held it against me.


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    Oh, Judy…I am sure they all had a good laugh over it as we all know quilters have great senses of humor!!!

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    Amy says

    Don’t feel bad, the Colts belong in Baltimore & they know it! (Umpteen years later & we are still “Anyone but the Colts” fans.)

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    Deb says

    And if you were a TRUE sports fan, you would have done it on PURPOSE! Sometimes poking the giant can be fun. (Or the colt)
    Actually, I couldnt have told you who won, lost or played. Watched some of it, but not much. Hub wasnt here, so I got out of it, but did it incase I would be ‘quized” when he got back. (“Did you SEE that play that so and so did right at the end….???”) ahh, living with a sports fanatic….