The Good Dirt

This afternoon Carlini showed up with a load of the best garden dirt!  Carlini is Italian and he’s a funny guy.  Italians are funny . . especially the ones you don’t live with . . right Cindy?  🙂

I gave him a loaf of white bread, a loaf of wheat bread and a dozen eggs and do you know what Sam said? Where are the brownies? Last year when he was bringing dirt, I gave him warm brownies! He’s coming back tomorrow so I guess in the morning I’ll be making brownies! 🙂


  1. 1


    If you don’t ask you don’t get – lol! He must have been thinking of your brownies all this time. You are very good to make him some.

  2. 4


    Oh, well…no sewing tomorrow morning, either (but I’m thinking brownies will go quicker than your whole bread-making process)!!!

  3. 5

    Katie says

    What a pushover you are! But I can’t really judge – I’m just as bad when asked for baked goodies…

  4. 6

    Cindy says

    I know its a good thing to give goodies in the form of a “tip” Judy….but remember, if you feed them, they always return. Oh wait that’s my kids’ friends.

  5. 7

    Kathy Chiocca says

    I am married to an Italian, and after 40 years (we met when we were VERY young), he is still VERY funny.