Stash Report – April 18, 2010

Nothing added this week.  Let’s just hope I don’t blow it next week.  I really thought I could break 200 yards net before going to Paducah but I didn’t.

Used this Week:  12.25 yards
Used year to Date: 231.00 yards
Added this Week: 0 yards
Added Year to Date: 36 yards
Net Used for 2010: 195.00 yards

How’d you do this week?  Please share a link to the individual post, not to your main blog!


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    Judy, I honestly don’t think I have 195 yards in my whole stash! You are doing phenomenally….can’t wait to see your year-end stats!

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    I heard Bonnie from Quiltville tell Pat Sloan that you need to add new stuff to your old stuff….so I am taking her advise. 😉 Have fun in Paducah. Someday, maybe but reality says maybe not!

    (Do you want to delete one of my links for me? Don’t know how I did that.)

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    I can’t believe that it is the middle of April and I’m still reporting my stash. Even if I miss a week (or two) of reporting, I keep track of it and make a combined report. Thanks Judy for making me accountable and getting re-acquainted with what I have on hand. It’s very rare now for me to start a project without checking my stash first and “filling in” with what I need from the store. It’s funny, but I’ve found two and even three different cuts of the same fabric in my stash. It’s all fabric that I really like(d) and bought on more than one shopping trip, knowing that I’d use it. Well, I’m finally using a lot of it and I’m having a great time! Have fun in Paducah.

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    I’m so glad that you got me going on using the stash. I think stash before I shop. I have even been able to visit a quilt shop and not bring anything home! This is a new experience for me.

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    week 16 – and everything falls apart at my end. Is this typical? I believe the buy-fabric virus must be in the air, or spring or? Why does it NOT affect you? Are you immune? Thanks for hosting week 16!
    Had to check 3 words in the dictionary for this post – it’s going to be a rough ESL day..

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    I finished a couple of amish quilt style minis this week but used very little. On the plus (?) side, I went to a closeout sale at a local QS and couldn’t resist some of the awesome deals. 🙂

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    I made some more progress on the quilt from your class in Indy this week – great stashbuster and a beautiful quilt to boot! Great job getting to 195 yards. Have a good trip to Paducah.

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    Darlene S says

    I did good this week. One of our LQS is closing and her “good” fabric is $5/yd. and half off all patterns and notions. I could not resist. So my Bought YTD has gone up, but so did my Used YTD. Here’s my totals. Dar

    Used this Week: 10.47 yards -(finished Topsy Turvy quilt)!!
    Used year to Date: 47.50
    Added this Week: 7 yards
    Added Year to Date: 15.25 yards
    Net Used for 2010: 32.25 yards

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    I was negative this week but I expected to be after attending a Sewing Expo and staffing a booth for my high school BFF who owns a quilt shop! Thanks as always for keeping us accountable, Judy!

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    My design wall / stash is more my granddaughters work this week. She is only 6 yrs but loves my Singer featherweight.. so my sewing went out of the window!