Paducah Bound

I hope everything I need is packed.  If not, there are stores in Paducah.  Getting away from this house is the hardest thing I encounter.  Speck sees my travel bag and goes into full panic mode.  Actually I did most of the packing last night and put it all in the car but he watches my every move and when I get up and take a shower first thing (instead of vacuuming or starting laundry or other chores), he knows something is up and he will not leave my side.  It’s so hard leaving the only family member who really cares if I’m here or not!

Maybe Speck isn’t the only one who hates to see me go!  As I was telling the chickens goodbye, these two said . . Wait just a cottonpickin’ minute!  We’ve never been to Paducah either! And, out they flew.  I caught one and was trying to hang on to Ruby before she jumped out.  Look at her wings . . she figures if I won’t take her with me, she can get there on her own!

Then I told them about this:

And they all decided they’d just stay home and wait for me to get back.


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    Have a great trip Judy! Paducah is on my list of things I want to do before I die. So I guess that means I’m pretty green with envy. Enjoy yourself!
    By the way, I’m sure Speck won’t be the only one missing you at home….

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    Donna in KS says

    Have a grand time! We will all be awaiting your reports. Several people from here are going; I’m needed elsewhere! I hope some of my friends say “hi” to you. BTW, where is that ‘you know what’ in the picture located?

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    LOVE that picture of you with the two chickens trying to tag along!! I hope you have a terrific time (how could you NOT?)

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    aww, well if I see you there, I’ll be sure to say hello! Friday, I’m living for Friday, the only day I can get there this year given my own schedule. -sigh- one day I’ll be able to take time off and take some classes.

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      And if I can go to Paducah with you, I’ll drive over that bridge for you!!! (I’m not a bridge lover, but managed to drive over the Mackinac Bridge several times.) Don’t forget your yarn and needles!!!

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    Have a safe & wonderful trip! I wish I will be able to make it to this event at least once – but it won’t be this year! 🙂

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    Judy in Michigan says

    Did you remember your rechargers? did you check off everything from your “What to take with me” spread sheet? Have fun and take lots of pictures!!

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    Thanks for the chuckle! Cute picture of you and your chickie girls. I think everyone will miss you.

    Have a blast…..tell us all about what’s new and exciting and how much fun you are having.

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    Too funny! Love the picture of you and the chickens. Have a swell time and try not to do too much damage to your credit card! Have fun!

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    Oh, that is a big bridge. I know how you hate those things. Put on some good music on the radio and just keep your eyes on the road and not on the surroundings. Enjoy Paducah.

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    Sandy Gail (Sandra Neel Hutchins) says

    Aren’t there two huge bridges or did it just SEEM like it when I went to Paducah? Have fun, eat well, hug Speck for us. I could live in Paducah full time. It is one of my favorite places. But I guess you wouldn’t want to stay there all the time because it is a long ways from Lake Charles. (The very best time to enjoy Paducah is the week BEFORE the quilt show. No one is there except locals and yet there are already lots of quilts out around town and everything is fresh and ready.) and, the motels are cheap and empty that week!

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    I’ve been over that bridge many times, but never for a quilt show. 🙁

    The last time I went over it, it was under construction and we had to way. Gosh did we bounce. Not a fun feeling.

    Have a great trip, wish I was going!

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    Judi says

    See you soon. Those bridges are scarey especially when a semi is coming at you, it just isn’t wide enough for me either I grateful my dh drove. Safe travels.

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    Sharie - Moss Bluff says

    Hey Judy,
    Have a great time. Wish I were going. Maybe next year. Judy B. is going to be working at Hancock’s. She lives in Lake Charles. She worked at Hancock’s when she lived there. She is going back to help them out.

    That looks like a mighty long bridge.

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    Dawn says

    have fun. wish I were going to Paducah. Will live my dreams through your blog when you get back.
    those “chicks” sure are funny trying to fly off to the quilt show. Not sure as I blame them.
    Dawn in MA

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    Laura says

    Tell Miss Ruby that you will bring her back something really nice! Can’t wait to get reports from the show.

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    Evelyn says

    My son is like Speck – ever since he was 2 years old – if he sees a suitcase he goes and buckles himself into the car. Now, this is a problem if it is going to take me a few hours to pack and it is hot, but that kid will not budge, LOL! So, I really try to get everything packed when he is sleeping and then bring out the last bag 1/2 and hour before we are scheduled to leave. He scurries around grabbing up a few precious toys, snacks, drink bottle – and gets in the car. And then it is about time to leave. Works like a charm! LOL. Have a great trip. Cheers! Evelyn

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    ruth anne says

    Judy, I think I saw you at lunch today–you were leaving and we were sitting down at that great lunch place (k bakery). I have almost lost my voice so I couldn’t quite get out the word Judy—my hubby said “go say something”, but I was just sat there like a zombie. You were with a friend. Have fun and maybe I will see you again and my voice is better. We left lots of pollen in NC and it seems to me no better here. In fact, I am in my hotel room which I never do, so I know I am not feeling my best! Must rest for the show tomorrow! LOL

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    I am sure that Vince will miss you, maybe not Chad cause he isn’t there all the time. But Vince, I bet he hates it when you are gone. Where is this bridge you have to cross? I know the one in Louisiana, but not this one? Have a great time!

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    Chesty’s the same way when he sees MY suitcase come out. He doesn’t seem to mind that Keith comes and goes all the time.