Stashbusting on Life Support

4 a.m. Everyone else in the cabin is sleeping. Sunday’s stash report is causing nightmares that are interrupring my sleep! 😉


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    eve in ga says

    ROFLOL!!! Judy, you are sooo cute! Quit having nightmares, get some rest, and have LOADS of fun in Paducah!! Eve

  2. 6


    Hahaha! I can’t wait to see what you’ve done! It’ll make me feel better about myself. I was told that going to Paducah and NOT buying fabric might make the world grind to a halt, and since I don’t want to be responsible for ending the world, I’m buyin’! I’m glad you did, too. Now the end of the world won’t be your fault, either!

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    Denise ~ justquiltin says

    That means you’ve been SHOPPING!!! 🙂 Good for you. It would be just plain wrong to to go Paducah and not buy fabric – I think there’s some law about that.

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    Going to Paducah and not buying fabric, would be like going to a wedding in the grungy clothes you wear to clean your garage. It’s just not done!!! Thank you for doing your part to keep the economy going.

  5. 9


    I am looking forward to seeing pictures of your new fabrics. The postal service dropped off a package of yarn for me this week – enough for five pairs of socks! I think we will have to do yarn busting next year. LOL

  6. 10

    Darlene S says

    I’m back from Paducah and unpacking all my “great purchases” . Am waiting until we see YOUR stashbusting report before admitting to mine. It was so great to see you and your bright smile signing away on your books. Dar