Vince worked so hard over the weekend getting the fence around the larger garden area.

About noon Sunday he had the chicken wire up and one level of the plastic garden fencing up.  Can you believe how quickly everything has gotten so green and beautiful?  Chad commented on how much things had changed since just last weekend.

Just before dark, Vince finished adding the second section of garden fencing.  9.5′ high.  But if you look closely through the fencing . . what do you see?  Deer!  They’re back there planning how they can breach our deer barrier!  They haven’t gotten inside the fence . . no reason to yet since nothing is planted but they’re patiently waiting for tender, tasty goodies.

This is as close as I could get and then I remembered I was outside with my rubber boots on with my shorts and the neighbors were probably looking out so I put the camera away and went back inside the house.  My neighbors are probably saying . . Remember when normal people lived in that house?  These people . . they’ve put up tall fences, brought in 9 coffins, have chickens and she wears rubber boots with shorts!

It could be worse folks!  Other neighbors have barking dogs or screaming children!  Be glad you have me!  🙂


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    Dawn says

    I would take you as a neighbor anytime girlfriend! We have neighbors who wont look at you in case you may want to say hi. weird. then we have the Mrs Nosy across the street. “Oh, I see you ar building a shed. Do you have a permit for that?Did you know this was wetlands?” and on the other side we have the thief who raids our blueberry bushes when we are not home.
    I’ll take coffins and chickens and rubber boots and shorts anytime!
    Dawn in MA

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    timelady says

    I live on a 1/3 acre in suburban south australia, ten mins from beach (nice, but we have had great whites take people off local, so its kind of, umm, nice n guarded patrolled areas;) ).

    we have chooks and dogs and fruit trees and multiple rainwater tanks (welcome to drought country:( ) and kids and my elderly dad (in his grandpa flat umr) and me in a wheelchair and huge house and its mayhem and chaos and teh quiltig gals always over (dining room looks so much better as sewing room, espite what kids say when we have to clear table to eat;) )

    and our neighbours wonder why, so much land to maintain, isnt it hard for us as dad gets older, and since my car accident, my spine is so damaged? sure, we planted half the lawn with native aussie plants to tackle drought – but!

    but they love our eggs, fruit and veges. (though last few years of water restrictions and severe drought have played havoc with vegie patch. citrus orchard (our entire front yard is all citrus, esp ancient varieties – local netball team was kept in oranges last season – though they had to adapt to the oddness when blood oranges came in, then they couldn’t get enough!), and our stone fruit (near the ‘girls’, aka the chooks) have been kept alive by increasing the rainwater storage, and investing in pump for winter creek that flows through bamboo, past tyre swing, and near trampoline. near the cubby house, and overgrown fig thats perfect for hide and seek, behind the olive tree, near the heritage gum over 200+ years (we are a baby country after all, and incredibly ancient, not much in between).

    why do the kids have all their friends want to visit?

    so many yards being sub and subsub dvivided. heck, 400m2 sells for crazy amounts now.

    would kill dad and i. and the kids. this is teh family home, and is open house to quilters and kids and chaos and gardening and thats the way it is – though i would LOVE one more room for sewing, i cant bear the thought of another flying the nest! (no 1, Rhiannon, s nearly 24 and has flown the chook run – Amaryllis is nearly 18 and still studying, Cassandra 15.5, Genevra almost 9, and my baby is Christopher at nearly 7).

    The dining room it has to stay- a table that seats 12 (or 6 quilters if we squish, plus the trestle table) will do. And my dad loves wood work,s o we all have special hand crafted extension tables, specialised thread spool trays with adjustable bits, mat boards.. need a design wall next – should take him half an hour and some frowning.

    We all made him a quilt to say thanks and to welcome him to our sewing sisterhood – I think he loved it:)

    A rambling first post from a long time lurker to say any neighbour who had you would be lucky – except i would be running(ok wheeling) over for a cup of quilting advice every now and then….

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    hehe- if I were your neighbor, you’d often see me in rubber boots and shorts or jammies. We’d get along just great! hehe

  4. 5


    I have a friend that goes out to feed her chickens in pink rubber boots, undies and a long t-shirt…can ya beat that?? so see you are normal…

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    Hey I go to town in rubber boots and shorts (well I did when I wasn’t so fat anyway) LOL. The smell of all that fresh dirt will really bring the deer in for a visit! I’m thinking perhaps you should just skip the people garden, and instead plant for a deer retreat! Hahaha

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    Hey, I would love neighbors like you! It would make what my DH does look like chump change (just kidding). I’m sure last night our neighbors wondered what he was up to, with the saw running until 10:00 pm. Let’s not even talk about what our yard looks like when he’s building a garden bed!

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    I’d take you as a neighbor….beats the ones around here that run their motor bikes around the neighborhood all weekend…that’s when they aren’t screaming at each other…or getting arrested for shooting their pistol into the dirt hill with kids around…. PLEASE LET ME SELL THIS HOUSE!!! I want out!!

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    CathiHarry says

    My four year old granddaughter lives in her purple rubber boots & mostly wears them with undies & a t-shirt…even in the snow during the winter.

    I have 2 neighbors…my daughter & family & a grumpy old man behind us. We’ve lived here almost 10 years & maybe have spoken 10 words to him.

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    laceflower says

    Vince sure is a garden makin’ machine. Ummmm how do YOU get into that garden?

  10. 13

    Cindy says

    Hehehheheheh. I forsee a battle of wills this coming summer. Those deer are going to figure out how to open the gate, you’ll be out there in the middle of the night, crouching on the deck with a bb gun. Typical hi-jinks will ensue.

    Fun for everyone!

  11. 14


    According to the comments, you’d make a great neighbour. We love our neighbours and never want to move. Plus, I don’t think anyone cares what we wear. At least not to my face. Ha,ha!

  12. 15

    Linda says

    I’d much rather have you for a neighbor than barking dogs or screaming children. Been there, done that. Besides, my own at-home wear wouldn’t exactly put me on the front page of a fashion magazine. LOL

    It looks like something might be going in the empty field across the road from us. Sure hope it doesn’t include said barking dogs or screaming children. We’ve been lucky to have that property stay empty for 35 yrs. That luck may be running out. Sigh.

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    Sandy Gail (Sandra Neel Hutchins) says

    A neighbor who cooks, quilts, writes books, grows vegges, hangs wash on the line, AND dresses just like me! You can be MY neighbor any ole time! ( I garden in my robe sometimes because we live on enough acreage that no neighbors can see us and you have to enter our property through an iron privacy gate and drive up a long driveway to get here.)

  14. 18

    Cathy Stoddard says

    Very nice garden Judy – the deer are just there for quality control. What??? You mean rubber boots are not meant to be worn with shorts???? I guess I’ve been doing it wrong all these years. Although sometimes I will kick it up a notch and wear my cammo mucks. Sure makes for a funny looking tan!
    Reminds me of the time I got “stuck” in the barn in my little nighty – I really did used to be skinny – and rubber boots. I would go out to feed the horses before daylight so a nighty & rubber boots were the easiest thing. One morning, while feeding, what pulls in our driveway with floodlights and blocking all traffic??? They are moving a HOUSE yes, a house down our road!!!! All the traffic pulled into our place since we had the room. I had to stay in the barn for 45 minutes.
    Thanks for sharing Judy,

  15. 20

    Norma says

    Judy, you are a breath of fresh air. Your posts just make my mornings. Both of my neighbors have old cars/trucks in their backyards and have to park on the sidewalks so you can’t get around without going into the street. Thank goodness for fences.

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    Dana (Katy's mom) says

    I don’t remember if you have posted about one of these, but you definitely need a game camera that takes stealth photos of all the critters at night (and day, for that matter). My husband got one for Christmas and it is such fun to pull it the next day and see what the deer, racoons, etc. have been up to overnight. If you place it srategically, you could see the lengths your animal friends will go to as they try and get your yummy vegetables!

  17. 22


    I knew a lady who lived in an area with lots of deer. She put up a fence that was only about 5 feet tall BUT, it was put in at a 45 degree angle outwards from the garden. For some reason, the deer would not jump that fence.