A Fashion Statement

We’re such a fashionable family!  NOT!!  There was a time when I did better than I do today.

These were the shoes I wore the first time Vince and I met.  I’ve kept them.  I’ll never wear them again.  It makes me laugh to see them.

And this jacket that I’ve also kept all these years.

It’s missing a button but considering I haven’t worn it in 16 years and I still have it . . that’s not too bad.

My shoes of choice these days will usually be one of these three.  At least I’m still wearing pink and black!  🙂

Do you remember Chad’s dress shoes?  Yep, he still has them.

But that husband of mine!  He makes a fashion statement most every day!  Over the weekend, I threw away two pairs of the pants he wears to work!  They were so worn out.  I had to hide them in the trash to keep him from digging them out.  You know how he loves his green shirts.

And he doesn’t even mind that he’s wearing it wrong side out!



  1. 1


    Judy, I SO would have worn those shoes and that jacket even just 10 years ago… and probably the only reason I wouldn’t now is because my feet can’t take the heels and my gray hair can’t do the hot pink, LOL

    I live in Crocs now. I’m not sure what I’d do if I had to dress up, I don’t think I own anything BUT Crocs… in every color!

  2. 2

    Diane says

    I love crocs too…they are coming out with dress-up ones! I’ve only heard, haven’t seen them!
    Love the pink and black shoes!
    I have to “sneek” and get rid of Paul’s ‘well past presentable’ work clothes too. Oh what would they look like if we didn’t take care of such things….I shudder at the thought!! 🙂

  3. 3


    I didn’t have those pink and black shoes but I had the pink/green/black version! Now all of my shoes are flat, black and fit orthotics!

  4. 4


    Crocs are GREAT. We have a Crocs outlet near us. On days I can’t wear Crocs, my feet let me know about it!! LOL

  5. 5

    Toni says

    Love my Crocs. They ain’t purty but sooo comfy. I have two pairs, hot pink and purple. Wonder what the “in” color is this year? Must stay in style!!

  6. 6

    Evelyn says

    I always wear comfy walking shoes – I have “street” shoes and “house” shoes, plus my rubber rain boots. Thankfully I don’t really have to dress up because I put the comfort of my feet above the rest of my outfit! If Vince turns his shirts inside out, does that mean he gets 2X the wear out of them, LOL! And my 6 year old son – he definately has favorite clothes – hauls them out of the wash hamper and sneaks an extra day of wear out of them if I am not watching. But, he is growing – so some of his favorites are definately too small! I left his favorite pants pattern in Canada, but let me tell you – once I get back there I NEED to make him several pairs of his favorite fleece pants! Cheers! Evelyn

  7. 7

    Alberta in N GA says

    when my youngest son was in first grade I made my boys all their school shirts…well, I had found a really cool purple fabric with monkeys on it,,and you guessed it…he loved it…so he would wear it every day he possibly could…one evening he had worn it that day and he wanted to wear it the next day…I said I would wash it by hand so he could wear it but I told him to be sure to tell the teacher it was clean cause I didnt want her to think that I didnt have clean clothes for him to wear!!!! he very earnestly said he would be sure to tell her it was clean as I had washed it for him!! what wonderful memories of that evening especially since I dont have him with me any more. Thanks for the memories

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    I kept the dress I was wearing when I met my husband for years. Finally got rid of it. Still have the dress I wore out to dinner on our wedding night in Las Vegas.

  9. 12


    I saved the short shorts I was wearing when I met my Husband. I made them into a backpack for a recycling project. As for the clothes he wore on our first date. He’s tried to throw the shirt away several times, but I retrieved it so the kids had something to wear on “nerd” day at school. It was a green and white paisley dress shirt and he wore brown polyester pants and a white tie. I’m remembering that he wore that outfit for our Engagement pictures too. I wore a green Jumpsuit, I still have that too! These days my fashion statement is my Muu muu when I’m home and my quilty t-shirts when I’m gone “quilting”. No high heels for me! I have too many stairs to navigate…

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    When my DH was a kid he had a teacher who wore the same dress all week. First two day–normal, next two days–back to front, last day–inside out. She was a bit of a wing nut, I’m afraid. His mom used to love telling that story.

  11. 14

    CathiHarry says

    OMG, I have a pair of Paloma Picasso red with black patent leather toes & heels that look just like those. Of course, I haven’t worn them in years & years, my 4 year old granddaughter wears them now!

  12. 16

    Cathy Stoddard says

    I like the shoes you wear now much better than the pumps – can you say OUCH!!!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  13. 17

    Carol in SW IN says

    Judy, just move the buttons up and leave the bottom one unbuttoned. Then you can wear it again! <<>>

    In my younger days I would wear heels like that and stand all day at work. I was so dumb! Now every joint from my feet up hurt from being out of wack (the fibro and arthur don’t help either). I don’t the swollen ankles would look very attractive with those shoes now. =(

    My 3 pairs of crocs are hot pink, tan and navy. Otherwise it is tennis shoes with inserts. All white pair for going to town and the older dirty pair for around the house and yard.

    How does everyone wear their crocs, with the strap around the heel or with it up over the toes so you can just slide them on and off?