Garden Update

My first iris has bloomed.  It happens every year while I’m at Paducah.  Happens that way for the past 12 or so years.  This beauty is growing among the green onions!  Both the iris and the green onions are a bit invasive so they can fight for their territory.  When we moved here I brought a bunch of my irises with me and just put them where I could find a spot.  This area at the back of the house, between the house and the sidewalk had pampas grass growing.  I knew that wouldn’t last because my rule is:  If it doesn’t bloom or we can’t eat it, it doesn’t stay! The pampas grass was dug up and the irises were left, then the kitchen garden was planted around the irises that were already established.  Don’t you love my meticulous garden planning?  🙂

The little kitchen garden is doing ok but a bit weedy.  I should be able to work in there this afternoon.  It’s a bit chilly outside today!   These are part of the plants waiting to be planted in the big garden.  Getting started on that could happen this afternoon but I’m betting it will happen tomorrow.

The potatoes have poked through the straw.  I’ll give them a few more days and then add more straw.  I’ll keep you posted on how my garden grows!


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    Your logic makes perfect sense to me! When my dad asked why I planted flowers in my veggie garden, I told him it was to attract bees. The real reason was because I liked them. I can’t wait to start setting plants in my garden but it is still too cold for us. 🙁

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    Sandy Gail (Sandra Neel Hutchins) says

    I’m betting that you will be as meticulous and successful in your gardening as you are with your quilting. May great gardening success come your way! Also, keep up the great blogging. I love the way that you include all aspects of your many projects in your blog.

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    This iris is gorgeous. Mine haven’t bloomed yet, but they don’t get much sun. And the potatoes, how fun!!! Makes me want a bigger yard, lol.

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    My irises don’t get a lot of sun, either, but they do eventually bloom. Can’t wait to see everything in place in your gardens!

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    Christy Lou says

    Your garden sounds perfect! I am not sure how I ended up at your site when I was googling beginning quilting, but I am so glad that I did. You are very inspiring. I love your quilts and hope to someday have a stash and even a couple of UFO’s 🙂 Thank you for your Blog!
    P.S. Gorgeous Iris

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    Is the wire on top of the potatoes to keep the deer from eating them? I told Don that I want potato boxes. I’ve been begging for 2 years now.

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    Carol says

    It’s too early here on Long Island for the iris to bloom but soon. The peas are up and it’s time to buy the veggie plants. Not sure what type of sweet potato we’ll grow this year. This spring has been mild. It’s suppose to be in the low 80’s this Saturday and it’s only May 1st. It’s weird but I’m not complaining!