Progress on Yellow/Blue Top

First I planned to put nine patches in the sashing squares but decided to just put plain squares.

The borders are going to be plain but there will be four of them.  Any time I’m working even from a pattern, I roughly draw it in EQ so I can see how the borders will look and get my border measurements.  It takes just a few minutes to come up with an EQ drawing and having those measurements saves me so much time and some frustration.

These, of course, aren’t the exact blocks, nor are these the exact fabrics but it gives me an idea of how things will look.  Then I make myself a little border chart so I don’t have to keep looking at my drawing and calculating.

Here’s my little chart so I can cut all my border pieces perfectly without stopping each time to measure or calculate.  And to prove how much of a Bernina girl I was . . look at those Bernina scissors.  🙂

Hopefully today I’ll have this top finished and on the longarm.


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    I really like the way you striped the sashing with the background color. It makes the blocks look like they are floating. I’ll have to keep that idea in mind. Good luck getting the quilt finished up.

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    Sarah says

    Wow, Judy, I really love this quilt! I have only been quilting for a few years so I am curious if you fussy-cut those stars? Or was it just the way the pattern laid out once you put it together? I don’t remember you mentioning the name of the pattern in previous posts, can you tell me the name of it? I love your tone-on-tone quilts so you can imagine my surprise when I got your post on this one. It seems out of character.. *smile*
    I love your quilts! I love your posts about Vince, so much of my own husband in his antics….
    Thanks for sharing the glimpses into your life and talent!

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    Linda (Petey) Fritchen says

    It’s going to be beautiful! Enlarged pic to see your scissors and noticed that you have some seams pressed open. Any hint on when you decide to do that? Your work looks so neat, front and back, so precise. Thanks and happy sewing,

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    Amazing – I have a Stack n Wack like yours at the same completion level on my to do list and I have been contemplating sashing and borders for the last few days. I am done thinking, now I can get to work because you have come up with a brilliant way to finish it! Once again thanks Judy

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    I, too, was wondering about the seams. And…you little list looks like algebra to me!!! (Hopefully, it’s not as I have managed to forget 99% of the math I learned in school!!!)

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    Annette says

    I love it! I started a stack and whack last night and can’t hardly stand to be away from it and go to work!

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      Judy your blue & yellow quilt reminds me a lot of the B&B room we stayed in when we were first married 😉 beautiful quilt!

      also I got a reply from my message to Bernina. I only regret that I didn’t mention to them the numerous times you have posted how much you love your machine you do have… but being that I gave them your blog address, hopefully they will stop by and check it out.

      I’m just happy that they got my message, acknowledged it and have forwarded it to the proper people… hopefully someone will contact you soon also.

      Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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    Veronica says

    Beautiful quilt, Judy. You never cease to amaze me!!! Love your color combos. Can’t wait to see the finished quilt.

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    Becky I says

    Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! What more could I say? Blue and yellow always intrigue me. I love this quilt!

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    Oh my goodness…look at the back of that quilt and how perfectly the seams are pressed!
    The quilt looks as pretty from the back as from the front!

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    You are really moving through your UFO’s. Great quilt. I have several pieces of fabric for stack and whack quilts. Packed up somewhere.

    Now about those seams that are pressed open…. I will watch for your answer to the questions above.

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    I just love to see my favorite fabrics in someones else’s stash. I have the bird fabric from your stack in whack quilt. Mine went into the back of my daughters 1st twin quilt. I have a little left and recently pulled it out to work into an old BOM from Joann’s (2003 or 2004). It will go great. Thanks for making me smile today.

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    Carol says

    Beautiful. Love how you used the main fabric for the blocks and sashing as well. I’ve been working on my UFOs. I’ve got everything for a stack-n-wack. I’m so tempted… Okay, I’ve have to make a deal with myself. Finish the BOM, make the quilt for DD and then start the stack-n-wack…Yeah, yeah that’s it !