Sorry, Sad State of Affairs

Monday night I went to bed reading a book on the Kindle.  I was about 2/3 through it and it was a good book.  Suddenly, it got sad . . really sad.  And I started bawling.  I cried so much I couldn’t breathe.  Why didn’t I just put the darned book down and go to sleep?  No!  I didn’t.  I finally got out of bed and came into the living room so I could sit up and cry and read and maybe continue breathing.  Breathing is imperative, even while crying like a baby.

At 1 a.m. I finally said to myself . . the chickens are going to need to be let out in 5 hours.  Stop crying and go to bed! So I went to bed, though I still could hardly breathe.  At just before 7 Vince woke me up and said “what about the chickens?”  Either I didn’t hear my phone go off or never set it.  Who knows . . in the state I was in when I went to bed!  So I hopped out of bed, realized I had a headache from crying so much, puffy eyes from crying so much and went back to bed after letting the chickens out.

Vince wasn’t coming home for lunch so I fixed myself a plate of leftovers and sat down to finish the book and cried all the way through the end of the book.  I had black (actually brown/black) mascara running down my face and whatever other makeup I had on was washed away.

I sewed for a while and about 3:30 decided to go work in the garden.  I was hot and dirty and had on my rubber boots and still had black streaks down my face.  Vince got home and said “Let’s go somewhere!”  Why today?  So I ran in the house, changed my clothes and shoes, tried to wipe the black off my face, powder my nose, spray on some super duper extra strength cover up any odor deoderant and off to Fort Scott we went.  All for fish tacos from Long John Silver’s.  Something is just wrong with this entire picture!  Had we stayed home we were going to have grilled chicken, fried okra,baked beans and cucumber salad.  I’ll never  understand my husband.  Does anyone besides Vince actually like Long John Silver’s?

So, Mr. Laquidara . . if you’re reading this . . when you come home and find me working in the garden, I am not going anywhere!  I was nice today but I will not be so nice again. If you want to go somewhere, look at your lovely wife and if she looks like she’s been working in the field for days on end and has black streaks on her face, do not even try to take her out into public, unless it’s some place a whole lot better than Long John Silver’s.

All was not lost though.  We stopped at a garden center and I got two lime green/pink petunias.  The ones we bought actually have more lime than pink.  They’re really pretty.

Tonight, right now in fact, I will go to bed, without a book, without tears and I will be up and on the road fairly early in the morning!


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    Cindy From California says

    WOW! Sounds like one SAAAD book. What is the title — so I can be sure to avoid it!!!

    On the other hand, sometimes we just need a GOOD cry – and any thing will do to start it!! You have been working hard lately and traveling and doing other things that get your system out of wack!

    I do have to agree that Long John Silver’s would not have my choice for “fixing” things. On the other hand, if that is what Vince would have chosen if he was feeling bad, then his heart was in the right place!

    I hope that you are feeling better today!!!


    PS I don’t know what the temps are in your area, but don’t plant tomatoes out in your garden until BOTH day and night temps stay above 50 degrees. I couldn’t tell from the picture what other plants you were getting ready to plant today, BUT don’t rush if it is still cool in your area! Good Luck!

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      I don’t think it had anything to do with my travel schedule. It was just a very sad, but good book. After last night, we’re into the 50’s. I’ve been covering the plants in the kitchen garden when the temps drop and since the tender plants were near the house, they’ve stayed a bit warmer. Today it will be safe to plant in the veggie garden. Vince wasn’t feeling bad . . he said it was so pretty, he wanted to take a drive. It’s the price we pay for living where there are no decent restaurants.

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    Mary says

    Yep, I do the same thing – I can’t seem to stop reading them at that point even if it means staying up all night.

    So what book was it?

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    Isn’t it wonderful to get so into a book that you feel you are there and the characters are real. I’ve done that before and actually feel a loss when the book is finished. Like I have lost good friends. I think that is why I like series books so much.

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    Peggy says

    Judy! Judy! Judy! You always give such complete details! Why did you not give us the name of the book?

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    Judy Laquidara says

    The book is The Last Song by Nichlolas Sparks. It was an excellent book with a very good story. So glad I read it.

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      Cindy says

      Oh, jeez, no wonder you didn’t just come right out with the name of the book! You knew I’d tease you unmercifully, right?

      You big baby! I thought at the very least it must have been Old Yeller.

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    I’m not a big petunia fan but I’m gonna check and see if I can get the lime/pink ones…they are right up my alley. So…are ya gonna tell us what book had you crying all day????

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    Diane says

    Oh geeze a N. Sparks book, I should’ve guessed. I only read them when I’m alone with a box of tissues. Actually have “sobbed” out loud for goodness sake——very theraputic actually—–:) nothing like a good book and a good cry.
    Haven’t been to LJS I think since we were dating/1st married…and then it was to accumulate drinking glasses: they were having a promotion. Now that I think about it– it may have been mugs!

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    Karen says

    Bob loves LJS – the one close to home closed a couple of years ago so I’ve been spared. I’m reading Message in a Bottle now by NS – guess I better get a new box of kleenex! If you want to read something funny, pick up a Janet Evanovich book – her first was One for the Money. She has the same cast of characters in her ‘numbered’ books. I’m not allowed to read them in bed – my laughing keeps Bob awake. People seem to either love her books or not like them at all.

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    Sparks lives in next town over from me. Huge house on the river but sends his kids to public schools and is very involved in the community. I don’t care much for his novels but really enjoyed his book about travelling with his brother.

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      Sandy Gail (Sandra Neel Hutchins) says

      What a nice wife to go eat at Long John Silvers! That is the ONLY place that I have ever put my food in the trash can and left without eating. I don’t know what they do to their fish but it so icky. Your grilled chicken and cucumber salad sounds so healthy and refreshing. But, we all have our own tastes, who can turn down a man who runs a garden tiller and makes deer fences!

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    Jane says

    Judy…how do you like your Kindle (which is obviously waterproof!! LOL) I’m thinking of getting one….do you have the bigger one or smaller one? Gotta love a good book! 🙂 No LJS here in Canada or at least not where I live in Alberta!

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    Sharon says

    I also read that book and cried through the entire second half! I thought I had lost it! So glad to know I am not the only one. I passed the book on to someone else but I warned her first. Such a great book.

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    shirley says

    LOL….my dh loves LJS. the closest to us is about 25 miles. he thinks of reasons to go to that town and when we do, i know where we will eat. grease heaven.

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    Diane says

    Mr Sparks is banned from my house. LOL You would think since I know he will make me cry I would have built up some sort of immunity but NOPE I blubber with everyone else, everytime. I stay depressed for at least a day or so afterwards so I had to call a halt to it all.
    I’m not a Long John Silver’s fan either.

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    Sherry says

    Judy, a few years ago, a male friend of mine recommended the
    book, “The Notebook” by Nicholas Sparks. He told me that I would definitely cry. I blubbered like a baby. I also cried through its
    sequel, “The Wedding.” I think his books are written especially to
    make you cry. And no, LJS would not do if I felt that bad. It would
    have to be steak or better yet, ribs! Yummm!