Any time we go out to eat, if there’s tuna on the menu, that’s what I get.  Sunday Vince and I had gone to the grocery store for something . . I already forgot what it was!  We have two little local type grocery stores.  One I like a lot, one is ok so I mostly go to the one I like but we were closer to the ok store so we went there.  I walked by the meat counter to get milk.  As I passed the meat counter, I noticed some nice looking tuna.  Then Vince came to meet me at the milk cooler and he stopped at the meat counter and called me over to see the tuna.  While it was frozen and not fresh, and who knows where it came from . . I probably don’t want to know!  We got 3 tuna steaks and a couple of lobsters and cooked them on the grill.

I marinated the tuna in ginger and soy sauce and it was so good!  Went back to the store on Monday and got more.  Each steak was vacuum sealed in its own bag but I put two per bag and vacuum sealed them again so they should keep ok for a while.

Guess I should check out the grocery store I don’t like so much more often!


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    Oh yummy! We had fish last night too, LOL. It’s hard to get anything fresh (or frozen!) here. I actually prefer to buy the frozen fish, because it’s flash frozen and I figure it’s probably “fresher” than the stuff that’s trucked in frozen, thawed out… you know the ritual.

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    Cathy Stoddard says

    I don’t care for fish but you even made tuna look good Judy!! Thanks for sharing,

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      I am looking for some ways to cook some Ahi (yellowfin tuna) that I have. A friend went to the fish market and bought it fresh off the boat) and then they cut it and vacuum sealed it. I would like to grill it, but don’t know how to season it. any suggestions?

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    Cindy says

    HOw long do you grill it, Judy? The only fish we’ve ever grilled is trout and that was wrapped in foil first.

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    It sure looks good. And lobster! Like CJ, there is not anywhere local that even carries anything that resembles tuna or lobster. And you thought you lived in a small town. lol

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      Kathy Chiocca says

      I always buy an extra piece of tuna to grill and use the next day for tuna salad or Salad Nicoise. And have you ever had lobster has made with left over lobster? OMG it is so good…..

      • Cindy says

        It’s hard for me to have leftover lobster, but I love Lobster salad as much as anything. That’s why I want to go to Maine. Roadside stands with lobster salad.

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    I can’t believe you can eat frozen fish of any kind that you don’t know where it came from, having lived in Louisiana. I can’t do it if I know it has been frozen. When I eat out at a seafood restaurant, not often in OK, I try not to think of where the seafood comes from either, lol. Glad it was good, maybe there is hope for the ok store.