Supply List

Star Gazing will finish at 72″ x 96″.  The blocks are 12″ finished.

If you are making this top as a workshop, in addition to the supplies listed below, you will need basic sewing supplies.

Background: (4-1/4 yards)
3 – 6-1/4” strips.  Cut into 18 – 6-1/4” squares (A)
4 – 3-1/2? strips.  Cut into 36 – 3-1/2” squares (C)
7 – 2” strips (E)
3 – 1-1/2” strips (H)
6 – 3” strips (I)
4 – 3-1/2” strips.  (K)
4 – 3-1/2” strips.  Cut into 68 – 2” x 3-1/2” rectangles (M)
9 – 3-1/2” strips.  Cut into 68 – 3-1/2” x 5” rectangles (N)
9 – 1-1/2” strips (Border #2)

Medium Accent: (1-1/2 yards)
3 – 3” strips (G)
6 – 1-1/2” strips (J)
2 – 3-1/2? strips.  Cut into 17 – 3-1/2? squares (O)
3 – 5-1/2? strips.  Cut into 72 – 1-1/2? x 5-1/2? rectangles (Q)

Dark Accent: (2 yards)
7 – 2” strips (F)
4 – 2” strips (L)
8 – 2-1/2” strips (Border #1)
9 – 3-1/2” strips (Border #3)

Colored Fabrics:

For each block, use the same fabric within the block.  For each block, you will need the following, which equals one set.  You need a total of 18 sets.  It could be 18 different colors (one color per set); or 6 different colors so you have 3 sets per color; or you could use 9 different colors and have 2 sets per color:
4 – 3-3/8” squares (B)
2 – 3-1/2” squares (D)


  1. 1


    Ohh, I like mysteries! The timing is a little bad for me though, baby’s due on May 27th. 😛 I might have to be on the sidelines for this one, but put me down as “yes” for a mystery.

  2. 2

    Balinda says

    I’m in for a mystery. June works better for me only because I am trying to finish a bunch of project by May 15th.

  3. 3


    Sounds like fun! Not sure if I can commit with everything else going on. Is this something that we will be able to complete the steps in a hour or two each week? What ever you decide I will be cheering you on. Love your quilts. The size is a little large for a QOV but would and R W & B color theme work?

  4. 5


    Sounds like a great stashbuster! June 1 would probably be better for me so I can get all the end of the school year stuff out of the way.

    Working on a teacher’s gift quilt as we speak. Hoping to pin it on the machine later this afternoon!

  5. 6


    Sounds like a super fun time to me! Hey, Judy…did you get my reply to your visit to my blog? I was computer issues….Thank you for thinking of this…fun!!

  6. 14

    Kathy in FL says

    I’m in! I vote for starting around June 1, and I love that I can make it scrappy because that means I can make it bigger (say, 96 x 96) so it’ll fit my bed.

  7. 16


    A mystery sounds fun. June would be great except for vacation week. Would I be able to catch up with the clues when I returned from vacation or will the clues disappear as the new one is added?

  8. 17

    linda w says

    Sounds like fun to me. I don’t have a blog, would I still be able to particapate???

  9. 18


    I am game 🙂

    I’ve been trying to work through my piles of fabrics…now I can set some aside for this project 😉

  10. 21

    Nita Mazerac says

    I would love to participate. Judy what book were you reading on your kindle that gave you such a good cry? I love my kindle and I just finished Rooms by James Rubart, a freebie.

  11. 25

    Linda Kay says

    Summer is almost here and I will be out of school. I would love to make a mystery quilt!

  12. 26

    Marky says

    Oh goodie ! More help with the stash busting! Count me in. I’ve only done one mystery quilt before but it helped me stop over analyzing where each fabric was used, since I didn’t have a clue what the quilt looked like. I need more “exercises” like that.

  13. 27


    I love mysteries – but you know what may just seal the deal: no pieced borders! They scare me and stress me like nothing else. And I do have enough stress in my ‘other’ than quilting life. As long as you keep the instructions out there for some time longer for potential slowpokes like me….
    Start date doesn’t matter too much to me. Thanks for taking the time and effort to organize all this!

  14. 28


    A mystery sounds like fun – especially if it will work as a scrappy quilt. I still have about 20 years of fabric to use up in my stash with plenty of background fabric and lots of 3″ squares already cut and in boxes. I’m ready when you are.

  15. 31


    It sounds like fun. June would give us all some time to finish whatever we are working on now, and for us teachers, school will be done by then. I’m in though. I love mysteries.

  16. 33

    Donna in KS says

    I would be up for this, especially if you start in June and can take into account a vacation or, in my case, a week’s worth of quilt show activity, for some of us. I will admit I have had less than wonderful results with mystery quilts, but I’m willing to give yours a try! Again, thanks for all the opportunities you offer as well as the just plain entertainment!

  17. 34


    Why not – I’m game if the clues are not dependent on completing the previous step. June will be busy for me, so I am not sure if I can keep up. July-August, I’ll be able to recover.

    • 36.1


      I am in for a mystery. June would be great for me too. Right now I am making your Daisy Star. Having lots of fun with it. I need practice with using up scraps. I struggle with not having everything matching, but have lots of scraps to use up. Thanks for coming up with this idea, Judy. Winona

  18. 40

    Lizzy Hentze says

    Yes, I think I need something to spur me on to pieced instead of quilting customer tops!

  19. 41

    Debbie says

    Sounds like it could be a good stash buster. Count me in and pray that I can keep up. 🙂

  20. 42


    I’m in! I don’t like mysteries because I don’t have control and I’m a control freak! 🙂 But I’m willing to try this one! Anytime you want to start is okay with me!

  21. 46

    ruth anne says

    It sounds like what I need! Glad to be back on computer–it has been possessed since I wrote to you about seeing you at Kirshoff’s.

  22. 47

    Ellie says

    Coiunt me in. Scrappy is great and I’d like to start in June, also. I assume if I get behind I can still get the directions and catch up with some late night sewing!

  23. 52

    Genia says

    I think a mystery sounds GREAT. One request though– please leave the clues up for the entire mystery. Sometimes life gets in the way and you don’t get the one step done before the next one is posted. Either date sounds good. I’m ready to go…

  24. 54


    I would probably do this, too. June is better for a start time….and I’d have a few weeks that I can’t sew in the summer (visits from grandkids, etc.)….so I’d be behind everyone else, but that’s fine with me.

  25. 57

    Lina says

    Absolutely, YES! A mystery… stash busting… and scrappy… all in one! Hooray!!! I’m up for this anytime.

  26. 58

    Karen King says

    Yes, I’d love to do a mystery with you. A friend of mine just told me about your blog and I came to look right away. I think I already know what fabric I’d like to use. It will probably be planned, not scrappy. I would be able to start in the middle of May, as long as you keep the clues short, as at that time of year, I’m usually busy getting started in the garden. But I’m thinking the quilting would make a nice break in the work and keep me from over-doing it with the yard work. I’ll check back from time to time to see what you’ve decided. Thanks for doing a mystery – it keeps quilting fun and interesting.

  27. 64

    Cynthia H., El Cerrito, CA says

    Sounds like an excellent stash-busting opportunity. Sometimes I get tired of designing my own quilts. This year has been one of those times. *Never before,* since I learned how to make quilts in the ’90s, have I made more than one quilt in a year that I didn’t design myself.

    2010 is shaping up to be something like a quilt a month that I haven’t designed myself. Or, at least, based on something I’ve done before. I can’t believe how much time it saves! (But then again, it feels like cheating to me…)

    Bring on this mystery! I could do with adding 15 or 16 yards to my 100-Yard Dash from Stash! 😀

    • 64.1

      Chris says

      Oh, yes. I would love a mystery stash buster. Timing is good either date for me, I’ll go with the flow.


  28. 70


    Probably June, just to give me a little more time to plan. But as far as commitments, I’m good for the whole month! Can’t wait!

  29. 73

    Stephanie says

    Yes please. I love a mystery, and a stashbusting mystery even more. Whatever date you like is fine with me.

  30. 78

    Diane says

    Way to go!. I have become ambivalent about mysteries since I started a couple that I’ve not liked when they have finished (and I get a way behind), BUT I love your designs and I am more than happy to take what I would see as a minimal risk. There has not been a design I haven’t liked that I’ve seen here! Thanks for your hard work on giving us tips and patterns and also for the eye candy.
    As a student, my classes finish early June (Australia) so I would prefer that start date.
    Thank you

  31. 79

    Carol says

    Count me in! I like mystery quilts. Mine will be scrappy. June works better for me.

  32. 80

    pdudgeon says

    Judy, you’re a blessing! Your mystery comes at a perfect time, as i have left over fabric already pulled from the quilt i’m working on now. I’m in for June.

  33. 81


    I’m up for one!! Glad you are waiting till at least mid May! We are going in to our busies week of the year….our kids are in the musical Oklahoma! We go on stage in less than a week! Wish y’all were here to come see it…happy sewing everyone!

  34. 84

    Amy says

    Since I just “found” a large background (might even be 4 yards) piece in my stash I am actually thinking about it. :o)

    (I am also thinking you don’t like mysteries & you have so many UFO’s & Kits already…)

  35. 85

    June Piper-Brandon says

    It sounds like fun. I am going to spend today quilting with my mini group. I am hoping to get my bears in the farmhouse top together today (along with a couple other projects), I have all the blocks finished, just need to sash and put the borders on. I may not do the mystery right along with everyone else but I will eventually get to it.

  36. 86


    I’d love a mystery! The one I’m doing now finishes in June. This will let me actually take on one of your designs. Now to find enough of one kind of background around here. . .

  37. 91

    Sharon says

    Yes, I love anything like this that you do. I did your Star BOM a few years ago and enjoyed that so much. June 1 is best for me, but majority rules!

  38. 92


    Oh Oh Oh – I want to play – but If I don’t finish it as fast as everyone else you still have to like me LOL

  39. 94

    Susan in Kingston ON says

    Sounds like a great plan – June is good!
    I’m going to be on the road one week in June, but don’t mind playing catch-up when I return home…..

  40. 95

    Judy C in NC says

    I am in and June would really work best. I can’t wait to pull my dimples and have a reason to buy more dimples.

  41. 97


    I LOVE a mystery! So yes I’ll be here. And whatever starting date you choose I’ll make work for me. You realize that’s going to put all your other patterns from your book on my back burner don’t you? lol But I can handle it!

    • 98.1


      No! Quilt police are not allowed on my blog so no one is going to bug you about finishing Bears before starting this one.

  42. 99

    Deb says

    I’m in. I will be FINISHING a few UFO’s in June, and it would be great to start something else….!

  43. 100

    Lydia says

    Well, I’m late to the party, but I’ve got my hand high in the air here too — I’d LOVE to do a Judy L. design as a mystery! And scrappy’s always good, too. I have a LOT of scraps I need to cut down to usable sizes, so perhaps I’ll use some of those.

    I’m good with whenever you want to start — if I can’t start then, I’ll get to it when I can.

    As always, Judy, thanks for all you share with us, your raving fans 😉

  44. 101

    Linda says

    I LOVE mysteries, I love your quilts so I suspect it would be a great match for me!! Looking forward to it (yeah, just what I need another mystery but I’m an easy sell!!!LOL)

  45. 102


    I’m in I hope. At least I will attempt to be. My house will not be in any kind of order to do anything for at least another month, but I can dream, lol.

  46. 105

    Kathy says

    I’m in. Except, I probably should finish my Bears Paw from last year’s Quiltalong first? Nah…

  47. 106

    Carol in SW IN says

    I love all your patterns and I love mysteries. What a great way to get both. 😉 Thanks

  48. 108

    Nancy Latham says

    I love mysterys. Can’t wait to start.
    I don’t have a blog so I hope that doesn’t matter.
    Nancy L

  49. 113

    Eileen Keane says

    I’d like to give it a try. I’m so backed up, what’s one more project? lol