Moving Day for the Chicks

During the spring and summer, we moved the chickens’ run once a week to give them fresh grass and a new crop of bugs.  During the winter, since most of the grass/weeds were dead, and the ground was too hard to drive stakes into, we left them in the same spot.  Vince would throw in alfalfa hay or straw to keep them from having to walk on such messy ground all the time.

See the big dead spot there in front?  That’s where they spent the winter.  They were so happy to be on fresh grass again.  Too bad that within 24 hours, it will look almost just like the spot where they spent the winter.  We will hose down the dead spot, then Vince will break it up with the tiller, plant grass seed and by the time we move the chickens back to that section, there will be fresh grass.  Think they appreciate all that work?

The funny thing is he blocks them from going into the coop while he’s cleaning in there.

When Vince is finished cleaning the coop and adding fresh straw, he opens the trap door and they all come parading up the ramp.

They’re rushing and trying to get in front of each other . . just like kids, they all want to be first in line.

Every moving day they all rush in.  For what?

Bugs!  There could be bugs in all that fresh straw.

Having fresh grass and a clean coop makes my hens so happy.  Look what they did for me the next day.

Actually, they do that for me every day!  🙂


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    Dawn says

    what a nice Vince to take care of Ruby and her friends even though he didnt want the chickens.
    Those gals do look happy! And you too with all those yummy fresh eggs. ya cant beat em! (well, er you can beat the eggs and put them in a recipe) LOL

    Dawn in MA

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    Those eggs look so yummy. I have never had truly fresh eggs….I’m sure they must be very tasty. Good system you have there for moving the chickens and getting them fresh glass regularly.

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      We always had “yard eggs” when growing up because my grandma had chickens. After moving to MO, there were many people selling fresh eggs so we bought those before getting our own. Yes, if they feed on bugs, fresh greens, other treas from the kitchen and a good feed, the eggs are so very different.

  3. 3


    Now you know exactly how to weed your garden and clean it up this winter, when it stops growing, and have it fertilized for the following spring!

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      I thought about that since it’s all fenced but what about all the hawks and birds of prey? They’re stealing small dogs . . I sure don’t want the to get the chickens. Even when I have a chicken or two outside with me, there are scary birds that begin to circle overhead and I go put the chickens back in their secure pen.

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    I enjoy seeing you guys having so much fun with your chickens. When I was a child we had chickens but no one gave them new/fresh grass so I guess that’s why they were so mean: pecked my feet when I was feeding them. Anyway, I love watching you play with them.

  5. 5


    Too bad you couldn’t quarter the area around the coop and make 4 separate chicken yards for them to range in a week at a time with one separate opening to each one.
    That way you could open a 2nd dr and block the others so they could only come out in the next yard to eat and range.
    Repeat each week, opening a new door to the yards so Vince wouldn’t have to do all that work to get another space ready.
    While they were in one yard, the one they left would be rejuvenating for the next 3 weeks til its turn comes again.
    Just a thought.

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    Judy — your chicken stories always make me laugh out loud. I live vicariously through you! Those hens are lucky to have you and Vince.

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    Carol says

    Does Ruby always lead the way? I was watching P. Allen Smith’s program “Your Garden Home” and he was at a fair. He said hens make wonderful pets especially the friendlier bantan varieties.
    Thanks for the chicken update!

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    Debby says

    Judi, Thanks for all the chicken stories. My chickens are coming home with me today. I decided to raise chickens after reading about Ruby and crew. They are about a week and a half out of shell. We are watching how fast they are growing. I guess we should get the coop built PDQ! Please keep the stories coming.

  9. 10

    Carol says

    I was so busy looking at your girls that I failed to see your garden and the shipping crates in the background. I would assume the fence is made of PVC covered rebar. Nice work Vince!