Do Not Splash!

Sometimes Vince gets up earlier than normal.  He can’t go back to sleep so he just gets dressed and goes to work.  Last week I was up past midnight and decided to soak the sink overnight in bleach water.  I didn’t want him to get up, and mess around with the water with his work clothes on and get bleach spots all over them so I left him a note.

I put this one on the front of the sink.

Then I decided it might fall off during the night.  It’s a real 3M post it note but . . you just never know.

So I added one to the faucet.  But, just in case it fell off too . .

He did get up earlier than normal and when I asked him if he saw my notes . . he just looked at me like how could I not see your notes?

At least he didn’t get bleach water on his clothes and my sinks were nice and clean . . even though I want stainless steel sinks!


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    I love my white ceramic sinks! I bleach them often too, otherwise, they are YUK…I took out a single shallow stainless sink and had this double, very deep ceramic sink put in. My husband and father could barely lift it, it was so heavy! I also have an extra high rounded faucet so ANY size pot will fit in my sink to be filled. Even my super huge pot! I love my sinks!

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    Deb G says

    How do you bleach your ceramic sinks? I’ve never heard of doing that. Mine has some stains in it, will bleach take them out?

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      Just clean your sink as usual, then put the stopper in and run water in and add about a half cup of bleach. Let it sit for about an hour. I only do one side at a time to save on bleach and water. Plug the other side and using a large cup or pot or whatever….scoop the water in to the other side and let it sit. OR, you can do it like Judy and fill BOTH sinks to the top! LOL.

        • peggy says

          Ever since I read this blog entry, I’ve been wanting to try it. DH is gone for a few days, so if I make a disaster, it will be my fault. It seems like a wonderful idea. Sinks, in the cleanest of homes, can be yucky.

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      When I had a stainless steel sink, I did the same thing but I don’t know if I needed to do that . . now that I think about it. Then I wiped it down with lemon oil and it shined!!

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    Debbie Harmon says

    I just use Softscrub with bleach, especially the new gel. Does a terrific job on my white sink, and just takes a minute.

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      I use SoftScrub with bleach most every night but about once a week, my sinks need a little more so I bleach them. I did the same thing when I had a stainless steel sink.

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    Okay…..I do the bleach thing, too…AND the notes. Hubby will usually only read PART of the note. Example….the other day I had a wicked headache when I got up…so I went into the guest bedroom (rather than disturb hubby who was still sleeping). I left a note that said why I was in the guest room and that I was going to lie down for awhile…asked him to call me at 9 a.m. IF I was still sleeping. He called me at 7:15. I asked him why he didn’t wait a bit to call me as I was sleeping soundly and sleeping off the headache. He said he didn’t read the part about 9 a.m……must thought I wanted him to call me when HE woke up. What IS it with me? (They only listen to part of what you say and only read part of your notes!!! *sigh*)

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    Karen says

    I ruined the finish on my ceramic sink with Softscrub and an abrasive scrubber.

    When I got my new sink I checked the directions on cleaning and it said to not use anything abrasive. So I use antibacterial Fantastik and a soft sponge. It looks great.

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      An “abrasive” scrubber will damage a finish with or without SoftScrub. I’ve used SoftScrub for years on my sink, toilet showers, etc. and have never had it scratch or damage any finish. I use the dishrag at the end of the day to clean the sinks and a toilet brush on the toilets.

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    We just re-did the kitchen this Feb. I put in one huge deep stainless steel sink with no divider. It was weird at first but I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

    No more messing with the middle divider for me!