Stash Report – May 2, 2010

Nothing added this week.  Hope that’s what I say the rest of this year!  A good bit used:

Used this Week:  15 yards
Used year to Date: 252.00 yards
Added this Week: 0 yards
Added Year to Date: 148 yards
Net Used for 2010: 104.00 yards

And, here’s a copy of the spreadsheet showing exactly what I worked on:

Please add a link to your stash report.


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    Lee says

    Hi Judy,

    I was thinking about why I’m finding your stash report hard to understand this year. Maybe it’d because there are no headings on your numbers. Since you are using a spreadsheet, how about “freezing” the title row so it always appears as you scroll down? That way it could stay in the section you show each week.

    Just a thought.

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      The portion of the spreadsheet is there so you can see what I worked on. The numbers are set out in a more understandable form right above the spreadsheet. If you look at those numbers, you’ll see how/where they correspond to what you see on the spreadsheet.

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    250 yards used, wow! I am trying to figure out how many quilts that equates to. I lost count somewhere along the way – and the number would be mind boggling for me anyways…

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    nothing more added for the rest of the year?? oh i know that there is no chance of that for me!! but i wish you lots of luck! i did make some progress this week… but still more in than out!

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    Judy: Your week looks great! I did OK, but not as well as I had hoped. I am going to do a little quilt shop hopping in Tucson on Tuesday afternoon. I’m hoping that I can “just say no”. There’s no yarn shops scheduled (my friend isn’t a knitter. What are you planning this week?

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    Wow, 252 yds used, good for you. Once I get some of these flimsy into finished quilts. I’ll have some decent numbers out of here.

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    I didn’t bust my stash this week. In my defense it was the first fabric I have liked with pale pink in it. I also followed my new rule of “buy matching to make a quilt.” I already have a plan for the fabric – graduation pillowcase for gson’s gf + LSU pillowcase to use tigers from 2 weeks ago. Before I bought because I liked it, now I buy with a plan.

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    Darlene S says

    Your used YTD is already over what my yearly goal is! Now if only I can get there. My stash report is easy this week = none IN, none OUT. Did finish 2 customer quilts and worked on a QOV at our monthly mtg, so I was still working on quilts. Maybe next week I’ll get to work on my things.

    I really like your new finished #18. I especially like the variegated purple feathers you used for quilting it.


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    I forgot to link to my post on Sunday…. Silly me! Everyone is doing so great that I feel like the little bit I do hardly seems worth mentioning. Oh well… all I can do is all I can do. Have a super week!