The Life of a Traveling Dog

If you’ve ever had or been around a dachshund much, you know they can be a bit difficult.  I’ll never forget the first time we took Speck on a trip.  He was a wild and crazy 1 year old dachshund at the time and we got mild (too mild) tranquilizers from the vet to give him while in the hotel.  Vince had supposedly (NOT) checked with the hotel to be sure we could have a dog.  This was almost 10 years ago when it wasn’t so common (or it seemed less common to me) to travel with a dog.  We got to the hotel, checked in, didn’t try to hide the fact that we had a dog.  About 11:00 p.m., the desk clerk called and asked if we had a dog.  Yes, a cute little dachshund.  Want to see him? NO!  You cannot have a dog in this hotel.  Hmm . . that wasn’t good.  They let us stay but Speck was not a quiet guest. I was sure we were going to get thrown out and Vince was in big trouble for not making sure it was ok to have a dog in the hotel.

Through the years he’s traveled with us most any time we’re both going somewhere.  That has resulted in us staying in some dumpy hotels just to find one that allows dogs and Speck has matured into a pretty good traveler.

Ooops!  Just when I say he’s a good dog, he thinks he heard something and he’s watching the door.  He never wants to miss an opportunity to bark at anything . . anywhere . . any time!

But look how sweet he can be when he wants to.  He really is a good dog.

Thank goodness Drury Inns let you have pets for no extra charge.  We seek those out and try to stay in them as much as possible.

You know how dogs are . . they have to sniff everything and with Speck being so short, I can just imagine what he’s rubbing up against so before bed, every night in the hotel, this happens.

Yep, a bath!  At home he gets baths in the big sink in the laundry room but he doesn’t get baths that often at home.  But, in hotels, baths happen in the bath tub and you’ll see, the dog is longer than the tub is wide.  And, usually I get wetter than Speck gets.  Neither one of us likes those dog baths in the bath tub but that’s just what has to happen in a hotel.


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    I know all about traveling with a dachshund… only the finest of accommodations! ;(

    Speck says the baths are worth it to be with Mom and Dad, much better than puppy “prison”!!

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    Karen says

    We travel with Jill – she’s a 7 lb maltese. LaQuinta and Best Western are pet friendly. Hilton is also pet friendly, but not most Hampton Inns. It’s frustrating sometimes when your trying to find a ‘nice’ pet friendly place to stay.

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    Lani says

    I have 3 doxy’s myself, and I can agree they are “Fun” traveling companions ha-ha. I have one good traveling buddy the other two are awful.

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    Cindy says

    I think I’d be looking for some antibacterial Handiwipes. It has to be better for him than a bath every night!

    And again with the Paypal refunds? What have I told you about that!

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    We also have a dachshund, Abby, who is almost 2. She is a great traveler but we have not stayed over night with her. She was given to us when the people thought she was “too energetic,” she is wonderful, loving, and housebroken. She is our 5th doxy (married 49 years): we love them.

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    Mary says

    Chesty travels pretty well too although he travels a lot less since we moved to MN because we don’t drive that much. We just made reservations for 2 weeks in June to fly to GA — luckily he flies well too or at least he did 3 years ago.

    When we need a hotel that allows pets I always look for a Marriott Residence Inn.

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    ruth anne says

    He is soooo cute!!! Glad to know which are friendly to pets.
    Sometimes we need to travel with ours when kids aren’t available.